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In Focus: We Miss These Oppas So Much, Good Thing They're Returning From The Military Soon!

In Focus: We Miss These Oppas So Much, Good Thing They're Returning From The Military Soon!


Have you heard the good news? Hallyu king Lee Min Ho has returned to us fresh from his military duties! And while we must have waited a long time to see his face again since he enlisted in 2017, with only our collection of photo archives to depend on, we see no difference based on his new pictures taking over the Twitterverse at the moment. Oppa is just as beautiful as before. Are you sure that was already two years?

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The way it ended feels too soon if you think about it, and now he's ready to take part in the rumoredsequel to The Heirs! *Cue "Loooove is the moment"* Now, if your favorite oppas are currently in military service, fret not because a bunch of them is about to be discharged real. See if your fave's on the list!

1. Ji Chang Wook

This K2 actor began his military service in August of 2017 and we're about to go crazy as he's set to be discharged this coming April 27! More? He's already in talks to star in an upcoming rom-com drama. O to the M to the G!

2. Super Junior's Kyuhyun

While D&E are busy winning musical shows here and there, a possible SuJu full-member comeback is looming with our maknae on top Kyuhyun getting discharged on May 7! Life's about to get better, ELFs!

3. 2PM's Taecyeon

Can you feel our heartbeat? It's beating from excitement over Taec's nearing release from his military duties this May 16! If it weren't for Wooyoung and Jun. K's ongoing service, we'll be expecting a group comeback. But how about a K-drama land comeback, Taec?

4. Kang Ha Neul

There's no chance we're missing Ha Neul's return on May 23rd because we can't wait to hear his scene-stealing laugh again! We wonder if he's finally getting the leading role he deserves by that time. Fingers crossed!

5. Kim Soo Hyun

Our love from the star Soo Hyun is making his homecoming on July 1st after enlisting in October of 2017. While we missed him too much, we're proud that he got an impressive promotion as a Sergeant while he was serving! We're ready for you, officer!

6. Lee Hyun Woo

This singer-actor definitely left us hanging with the release of his single "Twenty-Six" prior to enlistment. You really think we won't be pining for more? October 19, your discharge day, is your chance to redeem yourself, mister.

7. CNBLUE's Yong Hwa

Boices are expecting the idol to complete his service on November 3rd, and he better come out with a new drama or *cough* solo music *cough* by then!

8. Bigbang's T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung

On June 27, October 26, November 10, and November 11, the Bigbang members will be out of their military uniforms respectively. Not far behind this comeback are issues that will definitely follow and try to drag them around. But what we can't deny is our thirst for their music, so we're still holding out strong on the hopes of getting it. VIPs, where you at?

We don't mind standing by for another month or two for their return. As they used to say, "good things come to those who wait." And if the good things mean our oppas, then we wouldn't mind counting down the days until we meet them again!

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