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In Focus: 5 Breakup Lessons We Learned From ZaNessa That We'll Forever Keep In Our Hearts

In Focus: 5 Breakup Lessons We Learned From ZaNessa That We'll Forever Keep In Our Hearts


Can you believe that it's already thirteen years since Disney sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens took their relationship off camera and almost ten since they, the very foundation of our belief in true love, called it quits? That means our hearts have been crushing (emphasis on the use of present perfect progressive tense) in pieces in nearly a decade. If only they knew the hell we have to go through in figuring what went wrong!

It's hard not to be that person but the ZaNessa enthusiasts in us are thriving with hopes of reconciliation—even as friends will do. You know what it's like when your head's in the game of accepting their new relationships but your hearts soarin' and flyin' the other way around? Yet, deep down this failed romance are lessons that will change how we view breakups, something we never thought to thank ZaNessa for. Brace yourselves as things are about to get sentimental here. 

1. Never forget

Things may not go exactly as you planned but there's no denying the fact that you were happy for years together. Vanessa freely talking about their past proves that the end of it all isn't as ugly as you thought it was. And that's saying something.

2. Overcome bitterness.

Splits can get pretty bad, and it's expected that drama will follow right after. Go hurt and hate, but don't let the hard feelings linger forever. At one point, we know V and Z made peace, if not with each other, at least with themselves. 

3. Learn from it.

The two met on the set of High School Musical which had three installments. And having that long-time connection, Vanessa and Zac most likely picked up lessons and values from each other. After all, HSM was their breakthrough project, and learning the ropes of being in love in Hollywood surely counted for something.

4. Be thankful.

It's so true what Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." In ZaNessa's case, they may no longer be friendly, but V couldn't be anything but grateful to her ex. If not for him, no one will keep her grounded from the instant fame. There's no love lost here.

5. Start anew and be happy.

The end of one good thing in your life can pave the way for something better to come. Don't think that no one will ever love you again. Look at Vanessa who seems like she's already found her forever in Austin Butler. As for Z, he's yet to find his The One, but there's no pressure! Love takes time, and we just have to enjoy where we're at in life at the moment. Every day is always the start of something new, after all. 

In a world full of heartbreaks, ZaNessa is here to remind us that it's a perfectly normal experience as long as we allow ourselves to gain something good from it. Even though we still long for the time when there was V and Z, it's only fitting to break free from the past and learn from it! 

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