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Cheat Sheet: Five Telltale Signs Of Sensitive Skin—And What You Can Do About It!

Cheat Sheet: Five Telltale Signs Of Sensitive Skin—And What You Can Do About It!

Fun fact: Not everyone is born with oh-so-soft, oh-so-smooth skin. Some of us need to work extra hard to achieving that healthy glow all over! If your skin just won’t cooperate, no matter how hard you try, watch out: you may have sensitive skin. Here are some of the signs:

You’re blushing—but not in a healthy way. Try applying some pressure on your skin. If your skin gets red too easily, there’s a chance you have sensitive skin.

You just wanna scratch the itch away! Sensitive skin usually prompts major scratching sessions. That’s gotta hurt, but it feels sooo good!

Ouch, that stings! Does your skin tend to sting or tighten when you use your daily hygiene and beauty products? Uh-oh, sensitive skin alert!

Dry and patchy, much? Another “tell” for sensitive skin? Extreme dryness. Think rough, scaly, bumpy patches.  Yikes!

Your skin reacts ASAP! Little triggers can cause major reactions if you have sensitive skin. Specific ingredients (like alcohol) or textures (read: fur) can cause breakouts, rashes or bumps.

So what’s the first step in dealing with sensitive skin? Schedule a derma checkup, stat! Your doctor can able to confirm whether you have sensitive skin, and together, you can determine its triggers. This may entail reviewing the food you eat, your sleeping habits, and yes, even your period.

You may want to review your skincare regimen, too! Check if the products you use are made for sensitive skin. If your everyday soap is causing more harm than good, switch to a gentler option. Look for an alternative that’s hypoallergenic, dermatologist-recommended, and clinically tested—like Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash! This special body wash combines mild cleansers with NutriumMoisture™ to retain and replenish nutrients in your skin, leaving it healthier-looking.

With proper derma guidance and the right skincare products, managing the signs of sensitive skin can be a breeze! Suggest the Dove Sensitive Bar instead.

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