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In Focus: Bar Soap Or Body Wash? Here’s The Best Way To Cleanse Your Skin!

In Focus: Bar Soap Or Body Wash? Here’s The Best Way To Cleanse Your Skin!

One of life’s oldest and greatest mysteries is finding out which one is better: Bar soap or body wash? And while this debate is still ongoing, we’re here to give you our two (or shall we say three?) cents on the issue! We’ve rounded up the following frequently raised questions whenever the “bar soap vs. body wash” topic comes up—and we tried answering each!

“Is one really more hygienic than the other?” Now you’re probably thinking, “Well, duh, it’s supposed to be hygienic. It’s used for cleansing.” But that isn’t necessarily the case! While both serve the same purpose, body wash saves you the trouble of worrying about your roommate (plus, other guests!) who keeps “forgetting” to buy her own toiletries. We get it, she’s a keeper and you’re close enough to borrow things from each other—but bath soap shouldn’t be one of those! No offense, roomie. We still think you’re for keeps!

“Which is more convenient to bring around?” Body cleanser is a travel essential. The question is: should yours be in the form of a bar soap or body wash? Bar soaps generally take less space, but you may want to weigh in your options. You wouldn’t want to go back home with a “soapy luggage” situation, right? Body wash, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind. Not only does it come in well-packaged travel sizes, it’s also easier to clean. Simply rinse the bottle after bath, wipe it, then it’s good to go! No more excessive lather to deal with!

“Does bar soap really dry our skin?” It’s common belief that regular bar soap dries out skin. And while some may argue against this, body wash might still be a safer choice. If you want to use a cleanser that helps nourish skin, try the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. It contains NutriumMoisture™, a unique blend of moisturisers and skin natural nutrients that nourishes 3x better than milk—leaving skin softer after just one shower! You get to cleanse and nourish your skin—it’s the best case scenario, if you ask us!

There you have it! It’s body wash for us! Not only is it hygienic; it’s also more convenient to bring around. Plus, it doesn’t dry out your skin, especially when you use Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash! So try it out now and enjoy softer, smoother skin!

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