Redesign your bedroom without breaking the bank!

Redesign your bedroom without breaking the bank!

Once in a while, we would spend some time [and money] to do a redesign of our bedroom. Oftentimes, one may worry about the cost in doing so. Yet for interior designer Aislinn Kee, designing or redesigning bedrooms need not be heavy on the wallet! Case in point? One of her recent design work for a client:

With the finished layout seen above, here’s some of her insights on designing/redesigning without breaking the bank:

Essentials first

Starting things off, Kee notes that when it comes to budgeting for your bedroom, it is important to invest with a quality bed and mattress, especially since these are items that you will be using very often. “These will last you for years to come,” said Kee.

Play around with paint

Just like what she posted on her Instagram, you can make do with paint instead of spending on wallpaper. Kee notes that with paint, the possibilities for creativity is endless, which can range from wall patterns or a simple solid color wall as an accent.

In fact, you can mix and match various colors and patterns to come up with unique and personalized walls for your bedroom!

Look around what you have

Sometimes, the best accessories are the ones you have at hand. “Look through things you already own,” Kee said. Whether it may be a picture frame, keychains from different countries, or motivational posters, your own accessories are key to making your bedroom as personalized as possible.


So the next time you plan to design or redesign your bedroom, these insights will make things much easier for you!


*check out more of her designs at her Instagram account




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