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In Focus: Here's Major Proof That KathNiel's Relationship Is Stronger Than Ever

In Focus: Here's Major Proof That KathNiel's Relationship Is Stronger Than Ever



Besides being one of the biggest loveteams of this generation, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are also one of the most admired real-life couples in the industry. It's not just because they made us feel so kilig over their outstanding films such as Barcelona and The Hows Of Us, but also because they've showed us how they grew together off-camera. Of course, just like any other normal couples who are in a long-term relationship, these two had their fair share of conflicts. But it's how they bounce back from it that makes them #relationshipgoals!

After we all found out that KathNiel won't be working on a project together this year, we felt sad, but, at the same time, we believed that this wouldn't hinder their connection and love for each other. To further prove that their relationship has become stronger than ever, we've listed the things that makes KathNiel long-lasting!

1. They're more open to the public now.

Fans have been speculating that the two are dating for a long time now, but it was just last year that Kathryn and Daniel admitted that they've been dating for more than five years already during the media launch of The Hows Of Us. Well, we weren't really surprised, were we? Since then, the two had been more open to the public about their affection for each other. From never letting go of each other's hands in every event to giving each other appreciation posts on their Instagram accounts, these two are deeply in love with each other, and it's very obvious!

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2. They don't mind making a huge effort just to see each other.

Since they've worked with each other for years, we're pretty sure that they're almost always physically together. That's why every time the two of them are apart from one other, they still make an effort to do a surprise visit. This happened recently when Daniel surprised Kathryn on the set of her new film with Alden Richards in Hong Kong. Kathryn was definitely in high spirits and didn't mind eating dinner again just to be with her beau. Truth be told, we couldn't help but feel extra kilig and wish for a Daniel Padilla of our own!

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3. They grow together.

During an interview, Kathryn admitted that it's quite hard to keep the adoration in the relationship when you're together 24/7, but she believes that the reason they lasted long is because they let each other grow by giving each other space to live their own separate lives. Since Daniel has her own set of friends, she lets him enjoy his friends' company without her, and vice versa. And when they finally spend time together, they've got more things to appreciate which leads to their desire to build more dreams together.

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4. They never give up on each other.

Of course, it's normal for couples to have misunderstandings every now and then. But something that proves KathNiel's relationship has become stronger now is the fact that they know how to handle their arguments better. They prefer on talking about their problems in a calm way since they know that letting their pride or anger get the best of them doesn't really help the situation. They may have a choice to walk away, but they've always chosen to stay.

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5. They've already talked about marriage.

What we love most about these two is how certain they are about their relationship. Unlike other couples who would rather not talk about the future, the Kath and DJ aren't afraid of making future plans which includes their wedding. The two have separate dream weddings—Kathryn hopes for an intimate beach wedding, while Daniel wants a church wedding for all their fans to see! Either way, these two how to meet halfway, so we're sure that they'll figure the details out on their own! 

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We're just so happy that KathNiel is more than just the lovey-dovey loveteam we used to know. They're now grown adults who have made the right choices in life hand in hand. The two made promises for each other and kept it, and we know that their epic love story will inspire future generations that a beautiful and passionate love like theirs doesn't only exist in movies. 

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