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In Focus: 5 Types Of People When It Comes To Spoilers—Which One Are You?

In Focus: 5 Types Of People When It Comes To Spoilers—Which One Are You?


If your favorite TV series is making a comeback more than a year after it left you in limbo with one hell of a cliffhanger last season, how would you feel? Naturally, you're getting emotions of all kinds at the same time—thrilled for new episodes to binge-watch, nervous about your beloved characters' fate, and curious as to how the show's going to wrap up its storyline. This is where those unwanted spoilers find a reason to step in.

We all have that moment when we can't even scroll through social media in peace, afraid that someone will ruin our anticipation over the show we're so invested in. But have you ever considered that others might hold a totally different opinion on spoilers and a different way of dealing with it than us? And that's okay. Rather than forcing our sides on them, why don't we just do some thinking and understand that when it comes to spoilers, there are certain types of people we'll encounter. Which one are you?

1. The Recluse

In these people's house, we don't do spoilers. They're always on high-security alert whenever their series return on air not wanting any leaks to rob them of the experience and element of surprise. They prefer to watch the story unfold themselves. Staying off the internet before watching the episode is the motto they swear by.

2. The Seeker

You can always count on these people to let your spoilers off the hook. They tend to depend on them in order to save themselves from the anxiety of waiting on what's going to happen next. This helps them get ready to easily accept the ending, avoid disappointment, as well as determine if it's even worth the watch.

3. The Meek

Spoiler, don't care. One amazing thing about these people is that they're just cool with spoilers. They don't mind being told of who end up together or who killed who. For them, hearing the story from another's mouth is far different than when you actually see it for real, so it doesn't matter.

4. The Curious

You offer these people spoilers, and they wouldn't refuse. How could they when their curiosity is already torturing them? They don't want it but also don't necessarily hate it. It happens a lot when someone is frustrated of not being in the know.

5. The Spoiler

These are the people we love to hate, seriously. They come and go, either shamelessly leaving the entire plot twist on your feeds or keeping it coded hoping it would put less damage to viewers. If you ask them why they feel so compelled to reveal things they probably shouldn't, chances are that they want to show off, or there are things that they find hard to control in life, the rush of emotions for instance.

SPOILER ALERT: We are in this day and age that coming across spoilers is something we have to live with. What choices we're left with are our own. Shun it or hear it out, it's your call.

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