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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks Enrique, Robi, And Yassi: Yes Or No To Summer Flings?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks Enrique, Robi, And Yassi: Yes Or No To Summer Flings?

Ask young artists Enrique Gil, Yassi Pressman, and Robi Domingo what qualities they look for in a partner, and they could easily list their top of minds. “I look for someone corny because yung laughtrip namin would last a lifetime,” said Robi. “Kind, caring, smart, and funny,” enumerated Yassi. As for Enrique, he said he likes “animal lovers, food lovers, and adventure seekers.”

ABS-CBN Lifestyle caught the trio shooting their latest commercial for Greenwich Pizza, a screen "barkada" of which Enrique is the newest member. Behind the scenes, we presented them with this theoretical summer scenario in relation to flings: You meet someone amazing over the summer. Things are great, and you really like this person. How do you know when you’re ready to take it to the next level?

Unsurprisingly, they have no summer flings as of late. Yassi is steady with her love life. Robi is happily dating his non-showbiz girlfriend Maiqui Pineda, as is Enrique with on and off-screen partner Liza Soberano. What was surprising, however, were their thoughts on the matter.

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Enrique’s answer was rather ironic. “The more I feel scared about it, the more I want to be with that person,” he revealed. “I think it’s a defense mechanism—like I’m scared because it’s too great a risk to mess up.”

Robi’s answer was rather straightforward. “If hindi na summer and you still like the person,” he said. But after listening to Enrique, he also described how dissimilar his approach would be from that of the Alone/Together star. “[With Enrique] when you’re scared, you get more attached. Ako, when you’re more comfortable and you still want to be with that person…parang that’s a different thing,” he reflected.

Meanwhile, Yassi was frank about not looking for any summer fling. "Gusto ko love lang,” she declared. “Ayoko ng fling kasi sayang naman yung i-invest mong feelings, effort, time, and sacrifice. Mapupunta lang sa wala.”

That’s not to say anyone who fits the bill is someone they can commit to right away. Enrique and Robi agreed that an overly demanding girl is a deal-breaker. “Ang ultimatum sa kin is when she says, ‘It’s either me or your work,’” Robi stated. With Yassi, it boils down to whether or not the person she’s seeing can be supportive without being dependent. “Kailangan meron ka ring sariling buhay,” Yassi said. “You should stand alone as a person but grow together. Pagka kinuha niya na lahat wala ka nang natira para sa sarili mo. Mahirap yun.”

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