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In Focus: How To Deal With Workplace Competition Early In Your Career

In Focus: How To Deal With Workplace Competition Early In Your Career


Whether it's a friendly rivalry you built with your peers or you feel like someone is trying to one you up all the time, there's just something about the competition in the workplace that's weirdly thrilling. It might be because of the excitement of chasing a position you don't have at the moment or just the idea of being the best of the best—either way, a healthy competition never really hurts anyone. 

But once the competition has become something that distracts you from your actual work and duties, perhaps it's time to tone it down before it becomes a full-blown war. To avoid reaching the worst situation of getting in trouble, here are the ways you can deal with it! 

1. Identify your strengths.

If you're having trouble with setting yourself apart from everyone else at the office, find a space that only belongs to you. It might be your organization skills or your ability to talk your way through tough clients. It might be hard to look for one especially in the early months of your career, but keep in mind that the things you enjoy participating in can also reflect on what output you're releasing to the team. As long as it's something you know you're excelling at or something you enjoy doing, then consider these areas as your strengths.

2. Appreciate your workmates.

When you look at your workmates and see the role they're playing in the team, you see the places that they excel at is usually different from yours. It's because a well-rounded team is built with employees with a diverse range of skill sets. If you're the one who's good at editing, most likely someone would be tasked to do a different thing from you, so the team continuously flourishes! Instead of comparing your abilities to them, try to appreciate and honor their efforts to make the company better. 

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3. Talk to them about it.

Since you're already in early adulthood, it means you know that hiding your ill thoughts or discomfot towards someone has never led into a successful ending. If you're the one who's having an unhealthy competition in your mind towards your workmates, then make an effort to talk to them about it which might help you solve your inner problems. But if you're the one who's having a gut feeling that you have an envious colleague, ask them about it in the calmest way possible. After all, your workmate might not have any idea that they're being overly competitive, so be the one to help them about it for a more friendly and healthy environment.

4. Shift the focus to yourself.

Instead of looking if the grass is greener on the other side, learn to use this competition to your advantage. By making yourself better and harnessing your skills, you'll notice how fast you'll get things done and increase your self-discipline. Look at the things you've improved within yourself, and believe us that you'll have more perseverance and motivation to get to the place you're aiming for. 

5. Accept its existence.

It's best to accept that competition will always be there—it's something you'll experience anywhere you go. To make it a lot easier, try to become comfortable by looking at the benefits it has given you and the disadvantages that helped shape the present you who has learned to handle the challenges you're facing and will be facing. 

When competition isn't addressed properly it may take a toll on our emotional and mental health. That's why it's important to alleviate your stress by concentrating on your skills more because it's you who's going to benefit from it, not your colleagues. 

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