In Focus: Beyond Data Science, This Marketing Agency Reveals Another Key To Success

In Focus: Beyond Data Science, This Marketing Agency Reveals Another Key To Success

Who knows why people do what they do? Weaving though Manila traffic on a motorbike for work sounds like a typical day for a delivery service messenger. For Tristan De Belloy, former Lazada Chief Marketing Officer, and Sydney Dondon, former Lazada Affiliate Marketing Manager, it is an activity that they gladly undertake as part of their new career trajectory. “We used to be the big executives that people visit,” laughs Tristan. “Now, we are the little guys doing the client calls.”

The two have left their former positions in the biggest e-commerce platform in the country to establish Quanta Digital, a performance marketing agency, where the name of the company serves as an initial clue of its services. “’Quanta’ stems from ‘quantitative,’” shares Tristan, explaining that this is an acknowledgment of the objective purity of numbers, where measurements, computations, and analyses are the cornerstones of their services. With most companies allocating a major chunk of their advertising budget towards digital platforms, Tristan and Sydney established the company as a response to this new trend, having observed the need for a more efficient way of spending. “It is a data driven approach to marketing,” explains Sydney. “We aim to maximize sales with the lowest possible cost.”

In a nutshell, Tristan and Sydney, together with a growing team of 11 individuals, make sense of collected data for insights to guide spending decisions, trim costs, and lift sales. In the digital era, most online activities are reduced to patterns of 1s and 0s, tracked and measured with unprecedented fidelity by technologies and tools. The data collected then establishes a mathematical view of consumer behavior, further drilled down for a more nuanced context of emerging patterns in fine detail and as it happens. This makes it possible for Quanta Digital to offer a more efficient way to funnel marketing and advertising budgets. “One client was spending PHP 100,000 for digital advertising but was getting less than that for revenues,” Tristan shares. “When we took over, the client is now getting six times the revenue for the same expense.”

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Does this approach herald the death of creativity in marketing and advertising? Not necessarily. Tristan and Sydney point out that data-driven methods inspire creative thinking. Numbers do not lie but they require perceptive interpretation. It is in the painstaking analysis of data sets, particularly where market behavior is concerned, that Quanta Digital builds the framework for their strategies. Because great marketing comprises distilled and effective communication, the data they use amplifies the process of crafting effective campaigns. It calls for an entirely different approach to traditional marketing, one that requires the tether of data coupled with human intuition and industry experience. They work closely with the brands they handle, blending data science with market research and sales objectives to come up with campaigns that are fine tuned to the needs of their clients. Ultimately, it is the humanity in their approach that makes their services unique and effective, where technology is employed solely as the means to an end. “You need to translate stories out of data. The numbers are only a window into real-time market behavior,” Tristan reveals. “We also need to pay close attention to how the ads are performing. If something is not working, we pivot immediately.”

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