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In Focus: 8 Reunions That Happened In The First Episode Of Game Of Thrones Season 8

In Focus: 8 Reunions That Happened In The First Episode Of Game Of Thrones Season 8


We've waited roughly two years for the final season of Game of Thrones, and to say that we were excited for April 14th to arrive doesn't even cut it when it comes to describing our feelings. At 9 am on the dot, we were all glued right in front of our television to witness the beginning of the end.

If you haven't watched the opening of season eight yet, then we suggest you stop reading right here, because there are major spoilers ahead!

As Jon and Daenerys arrive in Winterfell with an army of Unsullieds, Dothraki riders, and two full-grown dragons, it wasn't only the Stark siblings who had a highly anticipated reunion in the North. Here, we list down eight tear-jerking, heart-stopping reunions that we all welcomed with open arms. 

1. Jon and Bran

As it is engraved in our memories, the Stark children have all been separated since the first season. It was only in season seven when we got the satisfaction of witnessing three of them reunite in Winterfell as Bran was welcomed by his sisters Arya and Sansa. However, at that time, Jon has already marched South to meet with Daenerys and secure an army.

Finally, as Jon comes back to his hometown, Bran is in the frontline of the welcoming committee, and the two of them get their overdue reunion. Though it wasn't the warmest of welcomes we have seen on the show, we're just glad that Jon is finally home so that Bran can finally share his significant intel about how Jon isn't simply a king in the north.

2. Jon and Arya

Same as Bran, Arya last saw his brother Jon in season one before the former left Winterfell to join her parents and Sansa in their sojourn to King's Landing. And over the succeeding seasons since then, Arya has been through the craziest encounters, probably out of all the Stark children. Her sword, Needle, which was a parting gift from Jon, is a witness to it all. And so, we literally choked when Jon asked Arya if she has ever used the weapon! Well, Jon, perhaps you need to take a seat under that Weirwood tree first if you want to hear the full truth about your not-so-little sister's adventures! 

3. Tyrion and Sansa

We can all recall the bitter happenings during Sansa's stay in King's Landing after her father died. One of this is being wedded off to Tyrion Lannister against her will. Joffrey was murdered shortly after this, and the blame was put on Sansa and Tyrion. But Sansa found an escape through Petyr Baelish, and that's when she was finally set free from the Lannisters' hands.

Fast-forward to present, Tyrion has become the Queen's Hand and has found his way to Winterfell with the whole crew to battle it out with the White Walkers. After a bit of reminiscing, Tyrion tells Sansa that he believes that Cersei has become their ally, to which she replies, "I used to think you're the cleverest man alive." Welp.

4. Theon and Yara

Back in season seven, we saw how Yara Greyjoy was captured by their uncle Euron who's on his way to bring favor to Queen Cersei. Her brother Theon was able to escape but he swore to Yara that he would come back for her. Fortunately, he was able to make good on that promise and was able to rescue his sister out of Westeros.

However, the Greyjoy siblings aren't reuniting for good. Yara, as she reveals, is going home to prep the Iron Islands in case Daenerys would need to retreat. Apparently, the Dead can't swim, so it's a perfect spot if worse comes to worst. She also instructs Theon to join Jon in the North to defend Winterfell as his heart wishes.

5. The Hound and Arya

In season four, Arya left The Hound for dead after Brienne of Tarth, a trusted soldier of the late Lady Stark, rescued her. And even though The Hound initially kept Arya for money reasons and Arya has the Lannister pet on top of her must-kill list, there was always an unspoken camaraderie between them.

In season eight, we see their interesting dynamics once again as they reunite when The Hound arrives in Winterfell with Jon. "You're a cold little b*tch, aren't you?" He tells her with a ghost of a smirk. "I guess that's why you're still alive." Yup, Sandor Clegane missed you, too, Arya.

6. Gendry and Arya

At long last, one of our most innocent ships is about to sail! (Or so we wish!) We last saw Arya and Gendry parting ways in season three in the most heart-wrenching scene where Gendry chose to leave with the Brotherhood Without Banners, saying he had no other family. Arya said that she could be his "family," to which he replied, "You wouldn't be my family. You'd be my lady." Cue the intense spazzing!

Five seasons later, the two meet again in Winterfell, and even though it's obvious that Arya has toughened up since their last meeting, Gendry still looks at her as a noblewoman whom he admires and respects. Arya then asks the blacksmith to make her a weapon that fans are speculating to have a major role in the next episodes to come. 

7. Jon and Sam

Okay, we won't be revisiting how Jon and Sam became the best of bros because we just want to cut to the chase: Samuel Tarly, upon Jon's arrival in Winterfell and with a push from Bran, finally dropped the R+L=J bomb on Jon Snow—or more appropriately, Aegon Targaryen.

Need we say more?

8. Jaime and Bran

In the final scene of the first episode of GoT's first season, we saw Jaime Lannister pushing Bran off a tower in Winterfell after seeing him and his sister Cersei in an incestuously incriminating situation which didn't kill the Stark boy but rather left his legs crippled.

In the first episode of GoT's final season, we see Jaime and Bran in the end scene yet again, as the former spots the latter in his wheelchair waiting for his "old friend." The Kingslayer is shaking.

The premiere of season eight was packed with reunions. But we're pretty sure that this kind of face-offs and reconciliations doesn't end here. Jaime and Brienne, anyone?

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