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In Focus: 7 K-Drama Actors We're Dying To See In Leading Roles

In Focus: 7 K-Drama Actors We're Dying To See In Leading Roles


Just ask any K-Drama fan who their favorite actors are, and they'll tell you the exactly the same names. From Park Bo Gum to Nam Joo Hyuk, we've all fallen for these lead stars' kyeopta charm one way or another. But how about the so-called second leads, partners-in-crime, third wheels, and BFFs who made an equally huge impact to the series they take part in yet repeatedly go unnoticed?

It's either they've not been given the chance or they're still not ready to take that dive. But trust us when we say that their acting skills and oppa realness are so worthy of the spotlight. Jung Hae In, Seo Kang Joon, and Ji Soo (who's starring the millenial rom-com My First, First Love) did it. So why can't others, too? For PDnims' consideration, here are actors who deserve to blossom into a major role.

Kwak Dong Yeon

He was dreamy in Love in the Moonlight as a cool trusted friend and in My ID is Gangnam Beauty as an easygoing teaching assistant who didn't get the girl. But it's about time he takes his deserving place away from the supporting roles and finally be the leading man!

EXO's Baekhyun

Baek's already a big star even before landing a role as 10th prince Wang Eun in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. But we won't mind crying and seeing more of his carefree character in a new drama where he's cast as the main man!

FT Island's Lee Hong Ki

This actor-singer routinely takes on comical roles: as Jeremy in You're Beautiful and as PK in Hwayugi. Have some conscience, y'all. Hong Ki deserves so much more from us than fits of laughter! Who thinks that this one has what it take to tickle our kilig bones?

Yook Sungjae

His roles as Deok Hwa in Goblin and Tae Kwang in Who Are You: School 2015 absolutely made our hearts flutter. But doing it from the side just doesn't cut it! We need more from this oppa stat!

Kang Min Hyuk

After being cast in The Heirs, we've come to know Min Hyuk as a fine-looking, boyfriend material, intimidating (in a good way) kind of guy. But it's been years since he stole our hearts back in 2013. So please, K-drama gods, give this one the starring role he deserves!

SF9's Rowoon

Despite playing an unpopular idol in School 2017, he became significantly more famous in real life. If it isn't possible for him to transfer to our school, then just sign him into a new project soon!

Kim Min Seok

Okay, Min Seok may not exactly be your type of protagonist but his adorable and enthusiastic spirit in Descendants of the Sun, The Doctors, and Because This Is My First Life shaped his credibility to be one. It'll be interesting to see how he'll navigate his way through a more challenging role!

It simply isn't right that there are actors who aren't getting the opportunities that they deserve. Here's to seeing more of these second leads in the spotlight soon!

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