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In Focus: 7 Times Bae Jin Young Got Us Helplessly Bias-Wrecked

In Focus: 7 Times Bae Jin Young Got Us Helplessly Bias-Wrecked


To stan a group is not a contest among its members, but it just so naturally happens that someone will always stand out in our eyes. In K-pop vocabulary we don't say favorite instead, we call it bias. And frankly speaking—in behalf of our fellow Wannables—Bae Jin Young didn't really made the cut at first, no more than a so-so.

But not until Jin Young low-key broke hi way into our hearts, leaving us caught up and crushing hard on his beautiful extra-ness. As much as we want to stay loyal, this former Wanna One member is making it so difficult for us. We never intended this to happen, but better tell your ultimate bias to step aside because Jin Young is about to wreck your list!

1. Only Jin Young's smol face can make us melt into a puddle of marshmallows with just one wink! Words are not enough to express our feels—just too much uwu!

2. We find his nose-scrunching extremely adorable as well! Kyeopta alert!

3. Still, we're wondering how he goes from being a squishy baby to a fine bub real quick! His duality sends us!

4. Jin Young also has this clingy thing going on, and, nope, it doesn't turn us off. Keep going, oppa!

5. We also witnessed his constant improvement on stage! That charisma got us weak!

6. Expect the unexpected when it comes to Jin Young. He's great at making us kilig with surprises, and we would be lying if we say we don't like it.

7. Nothing beats the connection Jin Young has with fans and that's hard to come by. There's something really special in the way he communicates and deepens his relationship with us. And that's how we got here!

If you think you have your ultimate bias figured out, perhaps you've got it wrong. You can't fight the Bae Jin Young impact. And if you've been bias-wrecked just like us, you're in luck because Jin Young is coming to visit his avid stans here in Manila!

Brought to us by CDM Entertainment, Bae Jin Young's first Asian fanmeeting tour IM YOUNG will make a stop on our shores on May 18, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater. Ticketselling starts on April 13, so make sure that you're ready to meet this cutie! 

For further details on the event, visit the IM YOUNG in Manila event page here. See you there, Wannables!

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