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The Six Fix: Don't Forget To Pack These Essentials Fit For Any Kind Of Trip This Summer!

The Six Fix: Don't Forget To Pack These Essentials Fit For Any Kind Of Trip This Summer!


Start packing your bags as summer continues to heat the coming days up! We’re sure you’re all excited (as we are!) for all the upcoming trips after pouring your heart, mind, and soul to your acads. This reward, may it be your first surfing trip, a Spring vacation out of the country, an enjoyable breath of fresh air up on top of the mountains, or a yummy street food tour you’ve got planned out, is everything you deserve.

Don’t spoil the fun by making sure you’ve got the right gear—and we’ve compiled a list of must-haves for an all-fun summer ahead. Take notes!

1. A reliable backpack. It’s a totally different experience when you pack light for your trips. But hear us, light packing still depends on your necessities. Just cut out on the things you can live without for a few days and bring all the essentials. Sort out your things and stuff them in a bag that can carry all these in.

Hong Kong-based brand Doughnut is the perfect travel companion—the variety of styles can fit any type of travel (or any kind of traveler, for that matter), so yay for form and functionality! Plus, their pastel-colored line of bags is totally cool for all your #OOTDs.

Pastel Macaroon backpack in Aquamarine, Doughnut

2. Trusty kicks. The right pair of shoes matter—we can’t stress this enough. Sure, your flip flops are great for walking along the shore, but bringing shoes can save you tons for unexpected side trips and spontaneous activities. Found a hidden trail to trek for sunrise? Spotted a cool exhibit open to visitors hours before your flight that you can check out? Got a lot of walking to do for exploring the streets and alleyways of a new city you’re in? Merrell and Skechers carry new styles of comfortable and stylish footwear that you can bring wherever your feet should take you.

Choprock shoes, Merrell

Women's D'Lites Classic in Purple White, Skechers 

3. Summerwear! And we’re not just talking about those freshly-bought bikinis you’re too eager to flaunt as the waves hit you! We mean city tour outfits, sightseeing getup, and even lazy afternoon beach style! SM Youth, now on their fifth year of fronting the style of the hip and young, offers a cool line up of tops, bottoms, and accessories that take your look from simple to superb. Do away with neon and wear subdued colors; take away nautical and bring on textured lines; don classic black-and-white and still look chic; top off your look with a trusty hat. You’re all set!

4. Mane matters! Beach waves aren’t only for the shore! Sport goddess tresses with a product that won’t damage your locks. For best results, KISS’s Instawave curler is a dynamic and portable product that gives your hair an instant upgrade! Of course, don’t forget to give them strands some TLC after—Eva NYC’s Therapy Session Hair Mask will bring back the smoothness and softness of your mane. On days when you feel like oiliness on your scalp rules but hate the dryness after washing, you can always grab a bottle of dry shampoo.

InstaWave hair curler, KISS


Therapy Session Hair Mask, Eva NYC

5. A handy, trusty cam. You’ll want to capture the best times of your life, so better bring along a camera that takes crisp, sharp photos in great quality. Hottie James Reid’s choice? The new Fujifilm X-T30, a small yet powerful companion for any photographer. Greet summer with a smile in front of the lens!

X-T30 mirrorless digital camera, Fujifilm

6. Boredom killer. Sure, bringing a good book can occupy you during your travel, but how about some entertainment for the whole group? Our suggestion: a boardgame! It’s an exciting way to kill time (whether flights are delayed or your road trip feels a tad too long.) Sting-A-Win, a new boardgame conceptualized by Alex dela Cuesta inspired by his daughter Deborah (meaning ‘bee’ in Hebrew), is a merge of the classic Snakes & Ladders and the trendy Exploding Kittens, but with a twist. The exciting game will get you knowledgeable on everything bee-related with its cards and a quiz bee portion giving facts about our little flying friends. Ready for a round? We are!

Boardgame, Sting-A-Win

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