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The Six Fix: K-Pop Songs To Get You Through Your Journey To Self-Discovery

The Six Fix: K-Pop Songs To Get You Through Your Journey To Self-Discovery



Since the rise of K-pop, we have already noticed how most of the songs in this genre have an upbeat tone. But K-pop isn't just about dance beats and foreign lyrics. It has actually helped its listeners to be strong and confident with themselves. In a world full of doubt, K-pop became the welcoming door to young souls who are at the start of their journey to self-discovery.

If you're at the lowest point in your life right now, take this article as a sign for you to see what self-love can do to you. And to further help you in this process, we listed down six inspiring songs that would encourage you to embrace yourself more each day! 

1. "Grow Up" by Stray Kids

Off to a soft and hazy start, this track eventually gets our heads bobbing with its summery melody. This piece from young act Stray Kids is about picking yourself up in situations where you feel lost and want to give up. It gives us hope when we feel stuck and tells us that we still have endless of firsts ahead of us. Just like what they said, get up and roll up your sleeves because you'll be fine as long as you keep on fighting!

2. "Yes I Am" by MAMAMOO

An upbeat song that perfectly fits into everyone's summer playlist, "Yes I Am" by MAMAMOO has a bright and quirky sound that would make you want to dance and feel cheery with its catchy tunes. But more than the melody, the song is about celebrating each other's uniqueness. From encouraging you to be confident to urging you to embrace your own style, this song has a positive message about self-love that everyone needs to hear! 

3. "Palette" by IU ft. G-DRAGON

With the use of soft drums and sporadic instruments, "Palette" proves that it's the laidback song you would want to jam to during a long drive! And G-DRAGON's rap, as always, brings a perky touch to the tune. When it comes to the lyrics, it pertains to IU's coming-of-age as if she's talking to her younger self and assuring her that she's happier now. The song will remind you that change is inevitable especially when you're growing up, but you don't have to be afraid because it's through this that you will discover yourself more! 

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4. "Breathe" by LEE HI

Composed by SHINee's Jonghyun and sang by Lee Hi, "Breathe" is an emotional song that showcased Lee Hi's powerful vocals. We already know that she can sing well, but this song just made her angelic voice tug at our heartstrings even more. It perfectly captures the moments when we're drowning in despair but all we can do is heave a sigh. But what this song reminds us is that, as humans, we're bound to make mistakes, and that's okay! Just take a breathe once in a while and move forward. Doing so doesn't make you selfish, it just means that you respect yourself well enough to take a rest when you need it. 

5. "Answer: Love Myself" by BTS

A pop-rock track that will bring you to an emotional journey, "Answer: Love Myself" emphasizes the members' breathtaking vocals in a mid-tempo ballad. Furthermore, the song's lyrics warm us with its vital message about the importance of self-love and why we should stop being our worst critic. It also conveyed how it's easier to love other people than to love ourselves. We have to remember that the advantage of self-love is it doesn't require anyone else's permission, it will always start from us which makes it more freeing and beautiful.

6. "Step" by f(x) 

With its popping beat and fresh vocals, "Step" is the song you would want to listen to when you're strolling around to get some fresh air. It tells us to live for ourselves and not follow other people's expectations of us. There's also something about the tone that urges us to be fearless and empowered. While listening to it, make sure you're ready to step out of your comfort zone, be proud of who you are, and take charge of your own life because that's basically what the group wants you to accomplish! 

Sure, self-love always starts from accepting your imperfections and flaws first. But when you're in the middle of battling your insecurities, these K-pop songs will definitely give you the energy and motivation you need to win against them. So take the time to relax and let these songs transform you into the powerful being you're meant to become!

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