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In Focus: 10 K-Pop Solo Releases That We've Been Listening To On Repeat

In Focus: 10 K-Pop Solo Releases That We've Been Listening To On Repeat


2019 features a lot of stellar comebacks from the biggest K-pop groups and these include solo breakthroughs from each of their members. Idols take a break from their group duties to make room for their individual creativity and show off their solo prowess. How's that for you, solo stans?

Still, this move sparks debate for other fans if it's the right course to take considering that they're part of group acts. But for us, it's actually a welcome move because as true fans, we just want our idols to be able to pursue their passions in every way possible!

At the end of the day, individual or group, their goal remains the same: to provide great music to their beloved fans. Here, we list down some of the solo releases that are worth your listen!


It was 2015 when the Girls' Generation leader kickstarted her solo career, and, just recently, she returned with the stunning track "Four Seasons."  This vocal queen always knows how to slay!

Park Ji Hoon

In March, the former Wanna One member struck out with his first ever solo single "L.O.V.E" and has since winning on various music shows. Show it some love!


After years of blessing us with astounding OSTs, EXO's Chen has finally left his comfort zone with his heartwrenching debut single "Beautiful Goodbye" and mini album April, and a flower. Now, tell us who hurt our baby boy!


Are you on Team Wang? Then we're pretty sure you've heard about this GOT7 member's international venture as he collaborated with American rapper Gucci Mane for "Different Game." We're in!


There's no way we're sleeping on this BLACKPINK sweetheart's solo triumph. Her single "Solo" got an overwhelming reception from fans right from the start. As expected, the YG Princess served all that fierce femme goodness like nobody's business. BLINKs, who do you think is up next?


A new entry made it to our Red Velvet memories, thanks to Yeri's self-composed single "Dear Diary." The acoustic ballad came out victorious, and we're not suprised at all!


The track "Twit" by this Mamamoo singer lands at the top tier of our favorite solo releases. It's time you stan her, too. It's what this queen deserves!

Park Bom

Among all comebacks, 2NE1's Bom's is definitely the most-anticipated one, and we don't need a reason why. Apart from the obvious fact that we've waited eight long years for this, her musical return "Spring" also features Sandara Park and that's like the closest reunion that Blackjacks could ever have!


The SHINee member took his first solo ride with "I'm Home" not just as a charismatic rapper but also as a soothing R&B singer. All those years of sheer(lock) hard work paid off so well!


BTS breaks records and makes history like it's their hobby. And member J-Hope proved this theory right as he becomes the highest-charting Korean solo act at the time his single "Daydream" and solo mixtape were released in 2018. Right now, he's the most followed solo artist on Spotify, surpassing G-Dragon's record. Welcome to Hope World, y'all!

Regardless of whether you agree to their solo activities or not, you can't stop them from going that way. That means no more shortage of good music in the days to come and we'd love that!

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