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In Focus: Stages We Go Through When Our Oppas Enlist In The Military

In Focus: Stages We Go Through When Our Oppas Enlist In The Military


Whether you're ready for it or not, your beloved oppa is going to serve his two-year mandatory military service. That is inevitable. Fans don't like to talk about it much because the idea of it sounds so sad and terrifying. Deep inside, we always knew it would happen, but nothing can prepare us for it when it comes. We can't be the only one, right?

To be in the front line of this momentary farewell is one of the hardest parts of being a fangirl. Just imagine saying goodbye to your other half and maintaining a Long Distance Relationship!  Don't say we're exaggerating because it certainly feels like it! Two years seem like an eternity especially if you're so used to seeing your favorite Korean star in a new drama or a comeback a couple of times a year!

If you're like us who's currently about to bid farewell to our favorite oppa or already experiencing major drought, here are the stages that we all go through when the saddest times in a fan girl's life happen.


You woke up to the enlistment news and your immediate reaction is "WHAT?!" Of course, you'll be in a state of disbelief, and later you'll start questioning if this is really happening. You saw it coming but to have it this soon, out of the blue, just doesn't make sense to you.


This is the aftermath of finally learning that yes, it's true: bias is on his way to the army. Now, your social media feed is in a state of emotional breakdowns that you don't even have the energy to go through a denial phase. You can't fake that you're okay, because, honestly, there's no use.


After a while, you'll reach a conclusion that this is not about you. Sure, the sadness still lingers but you'll realize that in this time, the most important thing you can do is to stay strong, support them and wish them safe service. Above all, you promise to patiently wait for their return!


It won't be easy to deal with so you'll end up diverting your attention to other things to distract yourself from missing them too much. Some get themselves to watch new K-dramas, while others focus on supporting the remaining members of the group that they ultimately stan.


Days will pass and you'll think that you've made it through the tears. But not until longing starts to kick in again. You've already invested so much for it to be bearable but you hit the last straw. There's no hiding the fact that you're out here obsessively stuck in counting the days until his service ends and going over ancient content to appease your feels. Sepanx is real!


What now? You wait. That is the only way you can survive this. Yep, you're still shattered and feeling overwhelmed with the two-year time frame but guess what, it won't last! And by the time it ends, you wouldn't even feel that it has been that long because you still love your oppa as hard as you did before!

Saying goodbye to our favorite actors and idols is no joke. However, we have no choice but to live with it and play the waiting game. Hugs to all the fandoms going through the same case! Fighting!

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