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Dining Delight: Serious About Sausages? Check Out This Casual Grill In Poblacion, Makati!

Dining Delight: Serious About Sausages? Check Out This Casual Grill In Poblacion, Makati!

Figuring out what makes a great sausage sandwich is not a bewildering conundrum, but it does require careful consideration, where the sum of its parts contribute to the whole. It is precisely this riddle that Duncan Gates, Tom Thurnerr, and Pepper Teehankee seek to assertively address with Three Guys and A Grill, a no-nonsense grillery tucked in a quiet street of Makati’s Poblacion district.

It was a business that was born out of a hankering for sausage sandwiches that were more substantial than current market offerings. “We wanted to produce delicious, healthy sandwiches at an affordable price and, at the same time, set up an establishment that would contribute to the local community,” reveals Duncan. An initial perusing of the menu reveals a streamlined selection, perhaps the first indication of how serious the trio approached the business of creating a great sandwich, where each one is a collaboration of ideas from the three men who hail from different countries: Switzerland, New Zealand, and the Philippines. “We take research and development very seriously,” laughs Tom. “We spent countless hours experimenting with cooking techniques, ingredient procurement, and flavor and texture pairings.”

Three Guys and A Grill uses predominantly local ingredients, specifically natural ones of excellent quality. The sausages are tailored to exact specifications: a special matrix of preservative free local meat, using only natural casings and boasting of a lower sodium content than most local offerings. “The only meat we import is lamb, but only because we couldn’t find a reliable supplier in the Philippines,” reveals Duncan. Far from playing second fiddle, condiments and accouterments also take equal billing in their estimation. The group took it upon themselves to alchemize their own special line, making prolific use of organic local ingredients like honey from Bukidnon and Davao, molasses from Bicol, and local guava. “We had a specific gustatory experience in mind,” reveals Tom. “We wanted our condiments to shine on their own merit. They are definitely not an afterthought that we put on the menu simply for the sake of it.” 

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The attention that went into their recipes is evident. Tom and Duncan explain that grilling is the only acceptable cooking method for their sausages, one that imbues a characteristic smokiness and decisive snap to every bite. “It allows the fat to render, ensuring the sausages stay moist and perfect,” Tom expounds. “It might take a little longer than you're used to, but the reward of a perfectly grilled sausage is well worth the wait.” The results speak for themselves: stellar sausages that taste completely of themselves: plump, juicy, and laden with the best embodiment of what a proper sausage is meant to be. They are terrific on their own but are best enjoyed nestled in freshly baked buns, pillow-y yet sturdy counterpoints to the heartiness of the meat, replete with savory condiments drizzled generously over the sausages. Try your selection with their guava mustard, a refreshingly piquant concoction that will make you forget any other mustard variant you have ever tried.

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Apart from the delicatessen quality sausage sandwiches, the group has also ventured into different iterations of flame kissed 100% premium beef burgers and accompaniments like three colored chips, thick cut French fries, local craft beer, and homemade soda water flavored according to your preference. In this regard, Three Guys and A Grill has moved from the periphery of being a simple sausage joint to the realm of being a heartfelt homage to their passion for all things meaty and their delectable culinary possibilities.

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Food photographs by Vyn Radovan, profile photo provided by Three Guys And A Grill 




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