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In Focus: 5 Viral Challenges That Took Over 2019 So Far

In Focus: 5 Viral Challenges That Took Over 2019 So Far


Various challenges continue to sneak their way into the internet every year, and they're not going anywhere else. The good thing is that it's not in the nature of netizens to miss out on viral contents like these - just anything they can do to kill time.

As of 2019, brand new ones had the online world buzzing as much as the Drake-inspired #InMyFeelingsChallenge did last year. From transformation selfies to K-pop hits, here are the latest challenges that took over the internet so far. You can still go for one of them, and we won't judge. Game?


It's all about posting your photo 10 years ago alongside your most recent one and asking yourself, how hard did puberty hit you? It can be quite embarrassing, but the real challenge is to keep it as real as possible!

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This trend is in honor of the hit movie of the same name where the characters literally blindfold themselves to avoid a certain fatal "entity." Not a lot find this challenge worth taking, because going around without seeing anything could be highly dangerous!


If you haven't heard of this one, then it's about time that you do. #TrashTagChallenge is an environment-centered movement encouraging everyone to make a change in their areas and post a before and after photo online. If you're hopping on an online trend, then it better be one that's for a good cause!


The ever-charismatic K-pop group EXO is behind the "Love Shot" dance craze which features body-rolling, hip-thrusting moves that serve as a feast for the eyes. Talk about being well-fed! From Enrique Gil to AC Bonifacio, there's no escaping the EXO fever!

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Based on the rap track "Dalaga" by hip hop act Almo$t, this is the latest one to blow up and join the ranks of witty and laugh-inducing challenges. This is a sure win for 2019!

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The people of the internet never disappoint when it comes to instigating viral trends and entertaining the rest of the world. So, what's next?

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