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In Focus: 5 Songs That Proved That Music Knows No Language Barriers

In Focus: 5 Songs That Proved That Music Knows No Language Barriers


Music is truly a universal language. Whether you're listening (or singing along) to songs in your native tongue or not, what matters is how the melody speaks to you on a deeper level. Some songs are even interpreted in other languages and find a spot in the mainstream scene. And to say that this is impressive is a big, big understatement.

This is the world doing a good job in proving that music knows no barriers; this is it telling us that great music isn't defined only by how much lyrics we understand from it. Don't we sometimes like the sound first before we had any idea what it meant? Here, we list down the phenomenal tracks that transcended language barriers and united the world even just for a few minutes.

"Nobody" (2008)

South Korean girl group Wonder Girls took off internationally with the release of their single "Nobody". It spent a week on US charts, months on mainstream media, and forever in our system. Seriously, who didn't dance to this iconic K-pop hit?

"Voltes V No Uta" (1977)

There's no denying that we all grew up watching anime, so how could we forget the iconic opening theme of Voltes V, one of the first Japanese cartoon series to air in our cable channels? We don't know the exact lines but we can bet our lives that we can sing (or, at least, hum) along to it anytime, anywhere!

"Can't Lose You" (2002)

If there's one Asian boy band that will live in our hearts for a lifetime, it's going to be F4. Jerry, Vic, Ken, and Vanness brought their Meteor Garden roles to life as a singing group releasing hit after hit. Among our faves, is, of course, the legendary "Can't Lose You." *cue Oh baby, baby, baby*

"Despacito" (2017)

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee became the biggest thing in the Latin music scene when they released the killer song "Despacito." It topped US charts and didn't stop there, earning various prestigious awards and Grammy nominations. A remix version featuring Justin Bieber even made it a bigger hit across the globe!

"Anak" (1978)

What's better than Spanish and Korean songs conquering the world? Well, of course, it's none other than having our very own original Filipino music being internationally admired, too. Freddie Aguilar made it possible as his hit "Anak" got picked up and translated into 26 languages. Way to make us proud!

You don't have to lean on one certain language to love a song. The same goes for artists striving to be recognized for their craft. Because when it comes to music, the sky is the only limit.

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