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Metrowear Luxe Designer Profile: Sassa Jimenez, The Feminine Yet Edgy Fashion Fairygodmother

Metrowear Luxe Designer Profile: Sassa Jimenez, The Feminine Yet Edgy Fashion Fairygodmother

As much as music has shaped the history of fashion, so has it moved Sassa Jimenez’s career. “Music is a big element in my design process. If there’s anything that jumpstarts my creative mind, that would probably be it.” Still in her late 20s, it is apparent that the designer’s youth has played a pivotal role in her design aesthetic. Willing to step out of the box and experiment with more off-kilter silhouettes, inspired by whatever’s playing on her iPod, Sassa’s designs have a certain kitsch that delivers a punch of youth every single time. Likewise, her foray into bridal wear has been built on her non-traditional design aesthetics (see Saab Magalona’s gorgeous wedding gown), which we find to be a true mark of a successful designer. Even after eight years, her love for the craft hasn’t waned and she shares how every collection is an achievement in her book. Sassa isn’t close to traditional, so while she’ll make gowns, rest assured, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. As long as there are women adventurous enough to experiment with their fashion choices, Sassa’s brand of cool, edgy but feminine, will continue to make waves in the next eight years and beyond.

On her Metrowear Luxe collection: “This collection is very close to my heart because it is such a contrast to the very first collection I designed when I was beginning my career. It represents how far I've come and how my style has evolved over the years. This collection is a study on restraint, clean lines, tailoring, and minimalism. The inspiration behind my collection is a painter's smock. From there I played around with the idea by incorporating other tailoring techniques and developing new proportions for the ensembles. You will be seeing a lot of shift dresses, tailored shirts, voluminous sleeves, and billowy culottes.”

A preview of her collection, as seen in Metro's November 2015 issue.


On the evolution of her design aesthetic: “I started out my career designing very frilly, whimsical pieces, usually ball skirts, tutus, and gowns made out of tulle; I still love to do that but I've also grown accustomed to making garments that are simpler, sexier, and less busy.”

On her “this is it” moment: “I can't really pinpoint a time that I thought to myself, ‘this is it’ and I hope I never have to because that would mean I've stopped looking at the next step or the next phase of my career. So far, everyday has been a challenge and I take every lesson as a stepping stone to something greater.”

On how switching to clean living has affected her aesthetic: “I think having gone through personal changes while working in the fashion industry affects my work because my work is a direct reflection of my experiences and my present lifestyle. I also know what it's like for a woman to go through a lot of changes in their bodies, and how we transition from being a trendy girl into a stylish woman.”

Snippets of Sassa's creative process.


On being one of the designers redefining womenswear: “It's quite flattering to be part of a group that redefines womenswear. Part of my fascination with this career is being able to dictate and express what women think and feel through clothes. Being a woman who makes womenswear is such a personal journey and we're lucky to be able to experience this every day.”

On how she celebrates the female form: “When I'm designing for someone, I make sure comfort & style are at the top of my priority list. Nothing ruins an outfit more than an uncomfortable woman.”

Her message to womankind: “Fashion is supposed to be fun. Fashion is here to liberate and inspire, use this to your advantage and highlight your assets.”

Some of Sassa's celebrity clients include Coleen Garcia and Saab Magalona.


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Original article by Ria Gamboa, published in Metro's November 2015 issue, additional interview Katrina A. Angco. Photograph by Gee Plamenco (Sassa's portrait) and Rxandy Capinpin (models), and courtesy of 

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