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In Focus: All The Paw-fect "Paningning" Content The Internet Has Come Up With So Far

In Focus: All The Paw-fect


The internet is obsessed with anything related to doggos, so it's no surprise that a certain one-month-old fluffy Shih Tzu puppy named Paningning sent the online world into a frenzy for her #BigMood sleeping position! Everyone has their own spirit animal, and this little pupper is definitely ours!

Why are we all going crazy over Paningning? Because she's an accurate representation of us when we can't decide if we're sick or tired, and when our body and soul start to feel done with life. Jokes on you if you can't find this relatable!. Unbothered Paningning is so on point that she has already inspired numerous projects online. Check out all these paw-fect Paningning content below!

It's a bird... It's a plane... Nope, it's Paningning!

Of course, an internet sensation like Paningning can't escape the world of memes!

It would be our dream to join this precious doggo in her escapades.

Choose your fighter:

Start each day looking at these insanely adorable wallpapers.

Paningning's cuteness demands to be felt. Okay? Okay.

Stan Twitter, are you here for Paningning?

Of course, we couldn't help but make our own meme, too! College peeps, where you at?

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Don't dare sleep on this queen because she deserves all your attention! Seriously, who wouldn't be able to relate to this tiny fluff? Can we just adopt her already even just for a day?

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