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In Focus: 6 Qualities Of A Modern-Day "Dalagang Pilipina"

In Focus: 6 Qualities Of A Modern-Day


A new craze is taking over the internet and this one could be the most relatable for Filipinos yet: the #DalagangPilipinaChallenge. What started off simply as a viral song of rap group Almo$t turned into a fad to show their versions of what "dalagang Pilipina" is supposed to be: innocent, prim and, proper. But should the qualities of a young Pinay be defined solely by these?

In this modern era, women are no longer abiding to society's expectations. And it's about time we reevaluate our ways of thinking and acknowledge today's fresh version of a"dalagang Pilipina."


Today's women know what they want and are fully committed to get it. Whether they're standing up for their causes or advocating for women empowerment, a strong, independent dalagang Pilipina is here to represent!


They pay attention and keep themselves woke at all times. Because of this, they have more chances to be welcomed, involved, and have their voices heard, not only for their betterment but for the society's progress as well.


Young Filipina women tend to have a lot of opinions but that doesn't mean that they know it all. Their hunger for knowledge and challenge urge them to keep an open mind and listen to others' point of views.


There's no doubt that Filipinas exhibit confidence greater than ever not only when voicing their positions on certain issues but also when it comes to owning their truest selves!


From defying the norms to showing the world that they can do whatever they want to do, Filipinas aren't limited by gender roles. They are multi-faceted and pursue their passions without boundaries! 


They're liberated from social conventions but they know there's a certain level of responsibility. They are in command and in control of their lives at the same time!

The modern-day dalagang Pilipina may have lost much sense of conservatism you imagine she's all about, but you have to admit that her big change comes with bigger wins in life! Cheers to every empowered Filipina out there! 

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