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Cheat Sheet: Four Fast And Subtle Ways To Make Your Crush Notice You

Cheat Sheet: Four Fast And Subtle Ways To Make Your Crush Notice You

‘Di na makatulog. ‘Di pa makakain. Tagyawat sa ilong pati na sa pisngi. Sa kakaisip sa ’yo, tagyawat dumadami. 

We’re guessing you know the song (and hoping we’re not too old to know this one!)—especially if you’ve been teased for having a serious crush on someone. You wanted him to notice you—more than just a classmate who sits next to him. Or as an officemate he often bumps into in the pantry. It’s time to make your dream happen—just follow these practical tips!

Make eye contact and smile. We know it’s hard to keep eye contact without blushing or grinning too hard. And if you have super “supportive” friends, they’ll make you extra shy by screaming “Ayiiiiiiiiiie” as soon as they spot him. (Aminin, nabiktima ka na rin n’yan!) Still, try to give him your warmest and most confident smile. Most guys prefer girls who know what they want—don’t hesitate to make the first move on the person you like!

Find your common interests. A little social media-stalking is the best way to go—especially if he’s on public mode. Or just try to be observant whenever he’s around. Does he like classic punk rock or EDM? Does he like his outfits chic and modern, or does he prefer the boy-next-door route? Does he watch plays and movies more often than live basketball and football games, or the other way around? Compatibility matters. It’s easier to connect with someone when you’ve got mutual interests!

Start a conversation. Besh, tibay at lakas ng loob lang ‘yan! Besides, you don’t have to admit your feelings right away! In fact, we totally don’t recommend confessing lest you make things awkward and scare him off. A simple “Hi!” and “How are you?” would be nice to start things off, too, and then proceed to talking about your common interests!

Put your best ever self forward. Level up your #OOTD game! Play with your hairstyle! Wear the scent that suits you best! And most importantly, focus on your skincare! You know that dyahe feeling when your crush sees you with a huge zit on your face? Ugh, hassle! What’s worse, you can’t get rid of your pimples no matter how many times you scrub your face. But before losing hope, take note that using soap or facial wash isn’t enough to remove pimple-causing dirt. Always deeply cleanse your skin with toner to remove excess oil and stubborn dirt. Eskinol is a fave reco when it comes to any skincare snag. Thanks to its Anti Bac and Derma Clear formula that prevents breakouts and shrink the appearance of pores, making your crush notice you should be easier!

Remember, besh, while these tips may or may not work in your favor, it’s way better to know that you tried over than just waiting around!

‘Di ka man makatulog at makakain dahil kakaisip kay crush. Tagyawat mo naman ay ‘di na dadami because you’re #LinisKinisReady now! 

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