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In Focus: Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" Throwbacks Got Us Reminiscing On Our Fave Disney Show

In Focus: Miley Cyrus'


Lately, we've been suffering from a serious case of Missing Hannah Montana as our girl Miley Cyrus keeps on giving us doses nostalgia—from bringing back her iconic blonde locks to posting throwback photos and singing along to the show's hit songs! Well, this is too much to handle for us, Miley!

Despite a range of new series that we get to consume every day, there's no taking for granted the impact that Hannah "legendary" Montana left on us. There's no forgetting the time when all we wanted was to be part of her two different lives. It's totally one of the greatest shows of our childhood!

And since Miley already started it, we're here to reminisce the best of both worlds in the Hannah Montana universe. Let's go back to Disney Channel circa 2006, shall we?

1. The Miley-Lilly Duo

Miley and Lilly defined the ultimate friendship goals back then! These two taught us that in all of life's adventures and dramas, true friends stay honest, supportive, and reliable—even when they're living double lives!

2. Miley's expressions

It's so impossible not to notice the cast's handful of funny and remarkable lines which, perhaps, have slipped into your everyday expressions unconsciously. From "say what?" to "sweet niblets," we bet you all know it by heart.

3. Hannah's jams

Songs come and go with time but not Hannah Montana's. Remember when "Best of Both Worlds" is what we sounded like when we breathe? Yup, we still do.

4. The fashion transformations

There was a time when we'll willingly exchange our closet with Miley and Hannah just to live like a sassy student by day and a glitzy diva by night. We're pretty sure that you've copied more than one outfit from her when you were younger!

4. The surprise guests

The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale—you name it. Hannah Montana has the best celebrity guests and Disney crossovers in television history!

5. The double life of Miley and Hannah

Truth be told, it wasn't easy for Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana to live two different lives but she totally nailed it. This serves as a friendly reminder that everybody has a lot going on in their lives, but passion is what makes it easier!

Hannah Montana wrapped up eight years ago, but our love for this iconic show won't die down just like that. A sequel, perhaps? Miley sure is getting our hopes up more than ever before!

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