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In Focus: Why We're Willing To Hire Noah Centineo's Fictional Characters As Our Lifetime Boyfriend

In Focus: Why We're Willing To Hire Noah Centineo's Fictional Characters As Our Lifetime Boyfriend


There are so many fishes in the sea, but, unfortunately, all you want is the Internet's Boyfriend Noah Centineo. And now you don't have any idea how to deal with it. Same, girls. Same. But can we really blame ourselves? After starring as our beloved Peter Kavinsky in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Noah has totally raised the bar too high for us to date other men.

ICYMI, he is set to play a boyfriend-for-hire in new film The Perfect Date which only means that we're screwed again. We don't know about you, but for us, Noah delivers the BF-material part perfectly and made it super realistic and irresistible. Do we have to go on? Fine, here's why we want his every movie role our lifetime boyfie—yep, lifetime 'cause Noah Centineo is never second best.

He listens.

Noah (as Peter K, and Jamey from Sierra Burgess is a Loser) is mature enough to know when to shut up and just hear things out. He doesn't make things all about him. In other words, this guy knows respect, and not a lot of boys can say that for themselves.

He gets along with your loved ones.

He's willing to know the people your closest to in life and can win them over. There's no reason to keep things a secret from your circle, and that's like the most relaxing feeling in the world!

He has the sweetest and most honest words for every moment.

He tells you exactly the things that you need to hear, whether they hurt or not. Who wouldn't love someone who only speaks the truth? A one-liner from any of his movies can either punch a hole in your heart or melt it into a puddle of marshmallow—perhaps, both!

He doesn't judge.

He knows you, he can read you, but won't ever judge you for it. He accepts you just the way you are and love you in the same way. In an age when we're all insecure about something, it wouldn't hurt to have someone like Jamey on our side.

He won't give up on you.

Someone who will fight for you, put effort into your relationship, forgive you, and offer you a second chance—well, that's your kind of man! Many people might walk right out of your life but whoa whoa whoa, not him!

Noah's The Perfect Date arrives on April 12. We know it'll only drive our obsession with Noah to its peak, but we ain't complaining. Just make sure nobody breaks his heart because the moment it happens, we're willing to fight!

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