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In Focus: 3 Easy Ways To Deal With Your Midterms Stress

In Focus: 3 Easy Ways To Deal With Your Midterms Stress


By Russell Ku
Chalk Campus Correspondent

It’s that time of the semester when studying becomes a living hell for everyone. Nights get longer, deadlines are piling, and you’re ordering lots of coffee for you to be able to get that energy to cram whatever you’re studying or working on. Not to forget the extracurricular work that you have to do on top of that load!

Finding that balance to be able to handle all the work and stress we have in this season (A.K.A. midterms) is a tough challenge to take up. However, with these tips, you can surely handle your midterms stress like a pro!

1.) Schedule everything out.

With a lot of requirements and deadlines coming right at you during this time of the school year, it is important for you to be organized. It will not only help you remember what to do, but it will also help you be productive and maximize each day or week.

Whether it is in your phone or you have a planner, it's a must that you schedule every single thing from your org meetings up to tests and requirements that you have to work on during the week.

2.) Don’t hesitate to prioritize.

With the amount of requirements and deadlines that you are facing, you have to know how to manage your time. Another step towards managing your time aside from scheduling everything out would be to know which things you have to prioritize at a particular time or day, whether if it's attending a meeting, studying for a test, or working on a group project.

Unless you know how to multi-task extremely well, it is always good to see which would benefit you more in the long run and focus on that first rather than doing something that you would later regret as you just wasted all your time and energy on it.

3.) Know when to take a break.

At this point of the school year, we are more likely to be "sabaw," experiencing information overload, or even crashing out when we are in the middle of studying. So, remember that there should be a time for you to be able to rest for a while.

Take this time to breathe, catch up on your sleep and regain that energy before taking a major exam or plunging into a requirement that needs to be done. Your body and mind will thank you for taking the time away from processing too much information and exerting to much effort.

At this very tiring and heavy point in the semester, remember to always take care of yourself. Even though studying hard is your priority as a student, it is equally (if not more) important to put yourself first and let your best version shine, even amidst all of this stress.

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