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In Focus: All The Ways Jamie And Landon Fought For Their Love In "A Walk To Remember"

In Focus: All The Ways Jamie And Landon Fought For Their Love In


Nope, it's not A Walk To Remember's anniversary, but since its star Mandy Moore A.K.A. Jamie Sullivan just got honored with a her own star at the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame by no other than Shane West A.K.A. Landon Carter, you can't stop us from writing this. We are deeply in love with this classic film, and that is all the more reason to get this thing done. How 'bout you? Can your love do this?

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The 2002 iconic film, besides ripping our hearts out, also taught us a thing or two on how far one can go for love. Too good to be true, yes, but it's this lesson that showed us that love is so much more than hugs and kisses. Jamie and Landon's love is patient, is kind, it exceeded all our expectations. Need we remind you of the full extent of their unconditional love? That's not a problem—just keep scrolling!

1. Nothing is impossible when you're in love.

Reaching for the stars, being in two places at once—you name it, Landon can do it for Jamie. He taught us that love will always help you find a way through.

2. You can break through your inner battles to be with your love.

After meeting Jamie, Landon found his way to be freed from peer pressure. And after meeting Landon, Jamie found it in her to confront her real feelings. When it comes to love, it's important that you're true to yourself, and you aren't holding back from living your life with the person who makes you feel alive.

3. Love would make you want to be "different, better."

Landon chooses to leave his life as a bully and stay by Jamie's not-so-welcome circle. Should one change himself for love? Well, loving someone makes us want to be our best—that we can guarantee.

4. Braving struggles together makes your love stronger.

Faced with Jamie's health condition, they both learned how to be the strength for each other. As long as with you're the person you love, there is not in the world to fear.

5. Loving someone is a miracle in itself.

Jamie may have not made it until the end, but their love did. Finding each other is already a miracle and being in love is a blessing. When things go beyond our imagination, all we can do is be thankful that it all happened to us.

A Walk To Remember changed our lives forever. And it's one of those classics that we can always turn to for love advice or a good cry whenever we need one. Thanks for always being our Only Hope, Jamie and Landon!

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