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#ChalkGoalGang: Angely Dub On Being An Alpha Woman With A Soft Core

#ChalkGoalGang: Angely Dub On Being An Alpha Woman With A Soft Core



When you meet Angely Dub, it’s impossible not to be drawn to her instantly likeable energy—she’s chatty, calls everyone “girl” or “sis,” and doesn’t hesitate to divulge personal tidbits even at first meeting. Case in point: after an hour of sitting on the makeup chair, her glam team, whom she never met prior to our shoot, already feels like they’ve been her besties for years.

Such is the distinct appeal of the 28-year-old CEO of Access Travel and Tours. On Instagram, Angely is that well-traveled girl boss who can come off as intimidating. But in the flesh, she’s surprisingly warm, brilliantly opinionated, and apparently the kind of gal pal you’d want to have in your corner. Sometimes, it could be hard to get a word in, but, with all the fascinating stories she tells, I realize that it’s no bad thing.

But Angely’s approachable character is more than just a charm. She socializes so well that I, as an introvert, sees it as a superpower of sorts. After all, she runs a business that requires her to have as many personal encounters as she can with all kinds of people.“The most rewarding part of my job is I get to meet people from different parts of the world which helps me grow differently from everyone around me,” she says. Her interpersonal skills allow her to have meaningful collections that uniquely enrich her perspective on life.

At age 19, Angely courageously plunged into the world of business. But as young as she was back then, not everything went as planned when she had a fallout with her business partner. “From being all the way up, bumagsak ako. I had to build myself all over again,” she recalls with an added wisdom: “Maybe that happened to me because I was bound to be someone else.” Now, as the heart (and face) of Access Travel, Angely has managed to cultivate her brand as a friendly authority when it comes to experiencing the world with a fresher point of view.

But from then to now, what has made Angely so resilient to all the challenges that being a self-made woman entails? “The thing about me is that I only listen to myself. I’m a very stubborn person,” she says. “Kahit anong sabihin ng mga tao, hindi ako pumapatol. If you’re not supporting me in any way that helps my business, then whatever you say doesn’t matter.” And even on the topic of self-doubt, Angely is not one who can relate. She dismisses the notion by simply saying, “I always keep on building myself, because I am my best investment,” which is why she never lets an ounce of uncertainty get in the way of being her best self.

Angely, as you may have already deduced, has acquired a strong sense of independence that qualifies her as an alpha woman. She does her own thing, doesn’t mind eating alone in a restaurant filled with couples, and shuts down criticisms towards her singlehood by saying, “I’m single by choice because I haven’t met a man who understands me for me.” And to drive her point home, she adds, “A man can share my spotlight with me, but I will never, ever let him dim it.”

This attitude sprung from her experience of losing her dad at the age of 13. “When my dad died, I realized, apparently, anyone can leave me. So I needed to make sure that my dad would be the last person to hurt me like that,” she says. Her world crumbled, and coming out of the rubbles is a brazen woman who can’t be easily teared down. “I didn’t realize it back then. But, now that I have my company, my 30 employees, my loving family, and my closest friends, I know that I was meant to be a leader and to lead my own pack.”

Angely’s sense of self is as solid as it can get. She even admits that she’s “becoming more of a man” in terms of going after her goals without putting much emotions in them. But, at the same time, Angely’s core is still soft, and she owes it to her encounters with the poorest of the poor during her travels. She cites her experience living with a family at the base of Mount Everest who showed her that you can be happy even when you don’t have everything. This proves that beneath Angely’s alpha exterior is a feminine heart that knows how to nurture the world around her.

So, at this point in her life, does Angely consider herself successful? The answer is yes. “Whether I rise or fall, I have already reached that level where I can say that I am content with what I have. I am not greedy. I just want to enjoy life right now,” she claims. And through it all, family is what’s been keeping this ultimate globe-trotter grounded. “I have the privilege to travel anywhere, but what’s ironic is that I still want to come home for my birthday. Before, I was like,’Oh, I want to go here and there for my birthday!’ But now, with all the complications in life, my family is the simplest thing I have. It’s the only thing that makes me happy.”

When I posted snippets of our shoot with Angely on my Instagram Stories, I instantly got replies from my female friends that say, “GOALS” or some hyped up versions of the word. It’s evident that girls want to be like Angely. But there are no shortcuts to her journey. But, for anyone who aspires to follow her path, our favorite boss lady is just a DM away.

Photographed by Andrea Beldua
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Samantha Tidalgo
Makeup by Jason Delos Reyes
Hair by Mark Anthony Rosales
Video By Spotlight Creatives

Angely wears: Suit by Dona Lim, Top and Skirt by Plains & Prints

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