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#ChalkGoalGang: Janella Salvador On Her Social Media Struggles And Rising Above Her Bad Days

#ChalkGoalGang: Janella Salvador On Her Social Media Struggles And Rising Above Her Bad Days



On screen, Janella Salvador is always gleaming with her dreamy, princess-like charm—she once played a mermaid and even lent her pitch-perfect voice to modern Disney hits. In person, one may expect her to be every bit of the famed sweetheart that she is when she’s under the spotlight. Yes, she’s fresh-faced, ever-smiling, and a one-take wonder in front of the camera. But beneath Janella’s fanciful exterior is a 20-year-old girl we can all instantly relate to–a cheese pizza enthusiast who’d find herself involuntarily dancing to pop songs playing in the background and counts being “OC” as one of her flaws that she’s currently tackling.

“I’ve been trying for years to write a song, but the perfectionist in me always comes out,” she opens up. Recently, Janella released a new musical offering, the pop-charged, positivity anthem “Take It Easy” which is the carrier single of her upcoming sophomore album due in the latter part of the year. This time around, she’s determined to give it as much personal touch as she can, notably by writing her own lyrics.

In the social media sphere, Janella is no stranger to the buzz due to her public image. “The downside [of being on social media] is that everyone has a say on whatever you put out there which can be frustrating especially when they get the wrong impression or assume too much,” she says. She admits that she has learned to be cautious with regards to what makes the cut in her feed (“I’m very protective of my personal life”) as evident in her Instagram profile filled with glammed up moments and snippets of her good days.

But no matter how she curates the public aspect of her life, people still have the tendency to talk. Janella counters this unavoidable facet of the internet by lessening the amount of time that her mobile phone is in her hands. “I just want to focus more on what’s happening at the moment, and not online,” she adds.

If you’re endlessly scrolling through other people’s filtered lives, the subsequent effect is to look at your own and compare. But Janella wants to remind us that this shouldn’t be the case. “You don’t necessarily have to be like them. You have your own journey,” she says. “It could take a toll on your personal wellbeing, so you have to be careful with that because in the long run, you only have yourself.”

As Janella blossoms into a “wiser, more matured” version of herself as she enters her 21st year, one of the things that we picked up from her is how she gets through the bad days, whenever she’s fighting her inner battles. “Growing up, I’ve always been my worst critic. Whenever I perform or do something in front of other people, I criticize myself so much, and it brings me down. I feel like I sucked, when in fact, I didn’t,” she confides. So when self-doubt kicks in these days, she says, “I guess the only way to fight [self-doubt] is not to fight it. I accepted that there are days when I’m really going to feel bad. What’s important is that I leave it there, on that day, and start all over again the next morning.”

Aside from working on her album, Janella is currently gearing up for her next big screen project under Regal Entertainment directed  by Joel Lamangan. After laying low for a few months, it looks like Janella’s 2019 would be all about taking her craft to the next level. It’s only fitting for this all-around performer to keep herself busy as following her passions is her top motivation to power through her struggles. “I feel empowered when I give my 100% to what I love. That’s what makes me proud of myself, and it never fails to give me such a good feeling,” she beams.

At this point in her life, Janella’s eyes are fixed towards the future. It’s not in her personality to dwell in bygone days, but in the spirit of celebrating lessons learned, we ask her to give her teenage self one piece of advice. “Don’t rush, because there’s a perfect time for everything,” she quips. Discovering herself and what she’s fully capable of may be a slow, everyday process. But with her genuine talent and effervescent disposition, we believe that this spirited darling is well on her way there.

Photographed by Andrea Beldua
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Cath Sobrevega
Makeup by Anton Pat Du
Hair by Jerry Javier
Video By Spotlight Creatives

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