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In Focus: Why EXO Is So Lucky To Have Xiumin As Their Hyung

In Focus: Why EXO Is So Lucky To Have Xiumin As Their Hyung


If only there's an award for the best big brother of the generation, we know without a doubt that EXO's Xiumin will be in the running as the strongest candidate to bring home the titular win. Follow him long enough and you'll know that this recognition isn't brought by reason of bias. But don't bother counting the days you've spent being an EXO-L because in every era, Xiumin makes sure to put his baby face and exceptional hyung qualities to good use and it shows.

You see, it's a lucky thing for the younger members of EXO to have Xiumin in the group and unfortunate for us to get zero chance of having him as ours. But that's okay. As a fangirl, we're suckers for anything impossible. And we'll be generous enough to share with you the same sentiments by making a list of the the amazing things about EXO having Kim Minseok as their eldest hyung. Feel free to feel jealous from afar with us.

He's always the patient one.

Xuimin works well to build a balanced relationship with his members. He allows them to tease him and tries not to get angry easily. He gives them the time of day as long as his members are happy and having fun. No, we're not crying—you're crying!

He's someone that the members can count on.

This hyung will never leave you when you're going through a hard time. He's a  person who understands, listens, and gives members a shoulder to cry on during the hard times. Is there anything that feels better than that?


He's caring and considerate.

Putting his members first is on top of his priorities. He doesn't care if he has less exposure on shows, has no food left to eat, or places last during a game. His heart is that big. Seriously, there's no one like Minseokkie!

He never fails to show support.

Whether it's a group or a solo project, he always got the nicest words to say and makes effort to be present to personally support them. Not every friend can do this, but consider Xiumin different among the rest.

He's both a brother and best friend.

It means he's the number one person that EXO members can run to, the one who will naturally root for you, and one who knows them well through shared history. Friendship alone isn't enough to describe the lasting love and closeness Xiumin has for his members. It's called brotherly love, and we're pretty sure that all eight members can feel it.

EXO may not have the same blood, but to Xiumin—to us—EXO is one because of the real brotherhood that they share. To the world's best hyung, thank you for loving and caring for EXO like no other! They are the Lucky One(s)!

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