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In Focus: Why BTS' Jimin Is The Best 'Chingu' You Can Ever Ask For

In Focus: Why BTS' Jimin Is The Best 'Chingu' You Can Ever Ask For


Making friends doesn't come easy, and finding good ones can only be a stoke of luck. Are they someone you've been familiar with for forever? Someone you grew up playing with in your hometown? Someone who picks up your call in a heartbeat?  Is it enough that you know them IRL? Or does being associated with them through Facebook counts? 

We may have different ways of describing what a reall friend is. But for us ARMYs, there's no better BFF that you can ever have than Jimin of BTS. He captures the very essence of a true good friend by spoiling his members in a way that other's can't. If that doesn't explain much, we have a list of things about him that'll convince you that the Bangtan Boys are so lucky to a chingu like Jiminie.

1. A good friend like Jiminie will always cheer for you.

He watches whatever you do and never ever puts you down. He sends you the best of luck and is rooting for you all the way!

2. He gives you honest compliments.

He always knows all the nice things to say especially when you're doing great. He isn't an insecure friend who treats your friendship as a competition.

3. He comforts you after a bad day.

He doesn't have to say "when you need me, just call me" because he'll run by your side right away. Silence, back hug—don't mention it, he already got it.

4. For him, friendship is all about loyalty.

He's independent and can do things by himself, but he prefers to stick with his buddies and finds it better to do things with the squad.


5. He tells you he loves you.

He's not afraid to show his love and let you know how much you mean to him. Doesn't that validation feel good?

6. He wins and loses with you.

He shares the highs and lows with you and has no regrets because what matters is that you survived everything together.

7. He makes your day always extra special.

Not that we're crazy for surprises, but we'll be fools to say that knowing a friend prepared something for our birthday doesn't make our hearts jump. Who needs the biggest circle in the universe when you already have someone like Park Jimin?

They say friends come in and go in life. Our only wish is for Jiminie to come in ours and, we  swear, we'll never let him go.

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