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In Focus: 5 Times Enrique Gil Supported Liza Soberano In Achieving Her Fangirl Dreams

In Focus: 5 Times Enrique Gil Supported Liza Soberano In Achieving Her Fangirl Dreams


What is it like to date a fangirl? Well, just ask Enrique Gil who seems to be a pro at it because of his girlfriend Liza Soberano, a self-proclaimed followers of a long list of artists including Justin Bieber and BTS! And we can't help but adore this Kapamilya actor even more for being extra supportive!

It's a major foundation of being in a relationship with a fangirl (or with any other girl) to be there for her no matter what. We don't expect our BFs to scream their lungs out like us in the face of our idols. Just being non-judgemental and encouraging is enough! If you're in luck, you can turn this sole thing into a shared passion.

What are our boyfriend goals? Here are all the times when Quen became the best boyfie to  the ultimate fangirl Hopie!

1. Enrique went to a The Vamps concert with Liza.

Liza first met The Vamps in 2015 when the British boy group appeared as guests on ASAP. A year later, Liza attended their concert in Manila and Enrique came as her company!

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2. He attended Dua Lipa's show together.

In September of last year, Liza brought her on-and-off-screen partner along as she cheered for the "New Rules" hitmaker! They even got to take picture with Dua!

3. He came to sing along with Liza at the Manila leg of Ariana Grande's world tour

Quen was also there freaking out with Liza when she watched Ari hit the MOA Arena in 2015!

4. He proudly witnessed Liza's dream to meet Selena Gomez come true.

In 2016, Liza won big in life—getting a hug from her ultimate idol, Selena Gomez, and being able to achieve it with Quen by her side. Imagine your other half ticking the boxes in your bucket list with you?

5. He spent what could have been his break from work in a BTS concert just for Liza.

To top it all off, Quen flew all the way to Hong Kong with Liza to be with her as she witnessed her newfound icons, BTS! In a world full of K-pop-judging guys, Quen is definitely our hero.

Hats off to Enrique Gil who's nothing but supportive and understanding to Liza! But keep in mind that boys need the same effort from you too, girls! Here's to living your fangirl dreams with your true beaus!

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