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The Six Fix: Westlife Songs We Swear We Know Every Word To

The Six Fix: Westlife Songs We Swear We Know Every Word To


Whoever said Westlife is just a thing of the past had it backwards. Play their tunes on your car stereos or from your phones, you'll recognize in an instant that it's the Irish group who does nothing but hits. You literally know the lyrics to each of the song by heart that you won't, for the life of you, be able to stop from singing along. If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 90s, you'll know what we mean.

And this 2019, one of the most successful pop boy band to ever come out in history is making their best move to bring the fandom back to life with a Manila comeback concert in July! To help you get ready, here's a list of Westlife songs to practice on. We're positive that we can sing along to their entire discography but let's settle with these six tracks that every fan—or '90s kid—knows by heart:

"Fool Again"

Among the greatest hits of Westlife in the 1999, "Fool Again" continues to be the theme song of the broken-hearted. We couldn't imagine that a track that sounds this lonely could ever be a bop—legends only.

"Uptown Girl"

This 2001 single from the then-quintet remains an anthem of the town—a go-to karaoke song and a legit barkada jam. Or is it just us? 

"Swear It Again"

The love we share for this 1999 Westlife track never meant to die and swear, we still listen to it from our daily playlists over and over again!

"When You're Looking Like That"

It's ultimately one of the iconic pieces in pop culture history since 2001 until today, proving that Westlife's sounds can stand the test of time.

"Seasons In The Sun"

We've known this song since we were in grades school and we have zero complains. It made us fall in love with pop ballad which is why it's engraved in our hearts forever.

"My Love"

This track is undoubtedly one of their best singles and our favorite from their old-time tunes. We're saying a little prayer that we hear it live at their upcoming concert, pretty please?

Nothing's gonna change our love for Westlife no matter how much time has passed. Let's see them altogether come July 30 at the Big Dome to celebrate the group's reunion tour and 20th anniversary with a bang!

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