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In Focus: The Filipino Family Reunion Starter Pack—6 Things We Can All Relate To At Fam Gatherings

In Focus: The Filipino Family Reunion Starter Pack—6 Things We Can All Relate To At Fam Gatherings

When it comes to organizing parties, there's no doubt that Filipinos are a pro at it given our family-oriented character. That's why every year, it has been a tradition for most of us to have a family reunion. Whether we're celebrating our grandparents' birthdays or having Noche Buena together, we always find a way to spend time with the whole clan. 

But aside from the lechon and the all-day karaoke, there's a lot more to a Filipino family reunion that all of us can surely relate to. From the unstoppable questions about your love life to our little bibo pamangkins dancing for incentives from the titos and titas, we listed down the things that every Filipino family reunion brings.

1. The nonstop questions about your dating life.

In every family reunion, it's inevitable that you get asked by your titas about your love life. If you're single, you will fall to the non-stop interrogation about why you aren't dating anyone yet. Sometimes, they'll even assume that you're just hiding it from your parents, so they'll persuade you into telling them something that doesn't really exist. And if you're dating someone, they will either ask you about your love story or when do you plan to get married. The pressure is real!

2. Comments about your weight

Whether you gained or lost weight, their comments are just unstoppable. Some of them sugarcoat it, while some immediately say what they're thinking. It can get awkward, annoying, and even hurtful, which is why we try to dodge the question or, if you're brave enough, come up with a witty remark that would make them realize that asking about someone's weight is seriously unneccessary and, well, rude.

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3. The cheat day you can't say no to

Of course, the number one thing that we're sure you're looking forward to in the reunion is the feast of home-cooked Filipino food. From your Lola's delightful kare kare to your Tita's savory sisig, there's no such thing as "diet" on this day! And with the amount of food everyone brought, there's always that one person who would bring lechon. Even if you're full ready, you won't waste time on getting a taste of every food item that is on the table. And before the night ends, you'll see almost everyone getting their own tupperware out to take home some of the leftovers! 

4. Kids putting on their own talent show

In every family reunion, there's always this bunch of playful kids who make the gathering a lot more entertaining. There's no doubt that in every song played, they would circle around and dance in the middle, making everyone laugh and cheer for them. Admit it, you were once part of these bibo kids when you were younger! And the best part? The adults are very much willing to hand out money as incentives!

5. Games that bring your family closer together

One of the things that make family reunions worth attending and staying for is the activities you play with your relatives. From the famous Trip to Jerusalem to Bring Me, even if these are mostly games for children, most of you still join just because it's fun! Plus, sometimes, your generous titas and titos give prizes for the winners that would further urge you to participate!

6. Planning to hangout with your cousins after the reunion, which won't really happen

Besides the incredible food and games, you're always so excited to go to the family reunion because you would finally see your cousins after a long time. These are the people you grew up with playing jackstone and piko on the streets every time you visit each other's homes. Of course, now that you're all busy with your lives, it's nice to be able to catch up. After doing so, you always plan to meet and hangout after the reunion, but it never pushes through. Well, you'll see them in the next family reunion anyway! 

At the end of the day, we're just glad that it has become a tradition for most of us to have a family reunion once in a while. It's nice to catch up and bond with your relatives, because, after all, you will always be tied to your family no matter where you end up in life.

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