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In Focus: 5 Simple Ways On How We Can Help Conserve Water

In Focus: 5 Simple Ways On How We Can Help Conserve Water


Summer has been around the corner for quite some time now which means it’s dry season again. Yup, we can really tell how hot it is because of the news lately – water interruption all over the metro which has become a major crisis for most of us. Although providers are ensuring us that the supply will last, we should still become responsible citizens and help alleviate the problem in our own little way. Here are some simple ways on how we can conserve water daily:

1.       Use a tabo or bathe more quickly.

It's a good thing every Filipino household owns a tabo (dipper) and a pail which becomes reliable in conserving water. By using them, we have control over our water consumption whenever we take a bath. However, if you have no other choice but to use the shower, just opt to take a bath quickly and save your muni-muni sesh for another time!

2.       Drink up but make sure to finish whatever you’re getting.

It’s important to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day to keep us all hydrated, which may seem a lot but we all need it in our lives. Let’s always make sure to drink up whatever amount we’re getting until the last drop and avoid having an unfinished glass of DRINKING water.

3.       Always turn off the faucet when you’re applying soap.

Whether you’re washing your hands or taking a bath, we should never forget to turn off the faucet as we apply soap. Sometimes, we tend to leave the water running since it’s just a short period of time. But we should be more mindful because in reality, every second and every drop counts!

4.       Use a cup when brushing your teeth.

Just like the concept of a tabo and a pail, using a cup lets us consume the right amount of water we need when brushing your teeth. This certainly saves water as this life hack prevents us from letting it flow nonstop.

5.       Always check for possible leaks at home.

Aside from adjusting some of the tasks in our daily routines, it's also important that we constantly check for possible leakage at home because sometimes we miss out on this detail. This will not only help us conserve water, but this will contribute to our monetary savings as well. 

We don't have to be a part of an organization or a big corporation to play a significant part in water conservation. In our consistent ways as responsible individuals and doing some collective action, we can help save water, one little step at a time.


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