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Beauty Inspo: I Got My Hair Summer-Ready At A Celeb-Approved Salon

Beauty Inspo: I Got My Hair Summer-Ready At A Celeb-Approved Salon


As a new season begins, it's only fitting that we welcome it with a zesty, adventurous spirit that would make our summer more vibrant than ever. Traveling and trying adrenaline-inducing activities may be at the top of your mind when it comes to summer adventures. But for the stylish at heart, this only means going for a makeover in the beauty department!

As for me, I turned to a trusty celebrity hairstylist to take care of my mane business, and it's none other than Mark Rosales, the go-to hair pro of the stunning Gabbi Garcia and owner of the freshly launched MARQED Salon. 

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Going into his sanctuary tucked in Greenhills, San Juan, I had no preconceived ideas of how I want my hair to be prepped for the summer season. But the result, as expected, lives up to Mark's golden touch when it comes to all things hair. Here's how he did it:

1. Hair consultation

MARQED Salon stands out from the others in terms of one unique feature: the hair scanner. This tool gave us a magnified look at my scalp, and from there, Mark was able to diagnose and give recommendations on what kind of treatment my hair needs. I have a dry, dandruff-prone scalp to which he prescribed the Spa Essence For Dry Hair with Repair Serum. He even has an RX pad like a legit hair doctor!

2. Hair color

Whenever I get my hair colored, I usually have a peg to show to the hairstylist, but this time around, I trusted Mark to work his magic on me all on his own. I just asked him to give me something that's "on-trend" for the summer, and he ran with it by putting a "sun-kissed" touch on my hair.

He started by color-correcting my hair, an important process for previously dyed hair to even out the color and avoid patchiness. Then he put a warm base color and proceeded to the fun part—the highlights! "Since it's summer, highlights are perfect and very wearable because it's not too loud," he says. 

I've previously had a balayage, but the problem with my hair is that my strands are too thick to achieve that perfectly light blonde color. So I was surprised (and thrilled!) that Mark was able to give my hair the lightest streaks it has ever had!

3. Hair Treatment

After my hair color service, of course, Mark didn't let me off the hook without a pamper sesh. As mentioned earlier, he recommended the Spa Essence For Dry Hair with Repair Serum to cure the dryness of my hair and scalp. According to Mark, the treatment is good for two weeks before you ideally come back to the salon to rejuvenate and continuously treat the problem areas of your mane. 

4. Post-Salon Tips

Mark understands that not all of his clients have the time to come back to the salon every other week for a hair treatment. So for people like me who got their hair colored, he recommends a set of non-commercialized shampoo and conditioner. "Whenever we wash our hair, the color gets easily rinsed out when you use regular products," he says.

And because it's beach season, I also took the opportunity to get tips from Mark when it comes to keeping my hair healthy and fresh under the heat. "Number one, before you go swimming, make sure that you've wet your hair already. If your hair is dry before you dip into the water or the pool, chances are it would cause more damage," he shares. 

When it comes to hair care products, Mark suggests keeping a heat protectant in handy. "I also recommend hair products that are moisturizing to keep the natural oil of our hair," he finishes.

After my quick Sunday sesh with Mark, I couldn't deny the fact that having freshly colored and treated hair got me more excited to go on my beach trip! Here's an unfiltered snap of my hair a week after my visit at MARQED Salon:

After using Mark's recommended products (which you can only get from his salon) and letting the color settle into my strands, I can say that I've achieved that summer-ready hair that looks effortlessly glowing under the sun! From the warm caramel base to the honey highlights, the golden tone of my hair, plus that healthy bounce, got me convinced that there's no other salon to trust this season than Mark's! 

Visit MARQED Salon at:
59 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan
+63 966 805 1143

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