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In Focus: Major No-Nos When Watching the UAAP Games Live

In Focus: Major No-Nos When Watching the UAAP Games Live


By Rae Marielle Bayanin

For any UAAP fan–yes regardless of which athletics match you're watching live–there will always be that exhilarating feeling that gets you on your toes. You could be feeling the adrenaline rush that the players are experiencing during a game, or the feeling of euphoria when the school spirit becomes so alive that hundreds, or even thousands of fans, alumni, and students come together to cheer for their respective student-athletes. This is what it's like to watch the games live. 

But too often, all this excitement could also lead to things getting out of hand. Admit it or not, we can get carried away with our love for our university to the point of becoming rude and disrespectful to the opposing team or to the community that's got that team's back. Here, we list some major no-nos to keep in mind the next time you watch a game live.

1. Booing

Of course, we can cheer for our school until our lungs give out but there's something about the act of booing that's really inhumane and cruel. It discounts all the efforts that these athletes put in to make their schools proud, most especially when the booing is done when that particular player has done a good job. They put in hard work not just in the games we watch season after season, but in every training and conditioning sessions they attend, all in an attempt to represent their school colors. Not to mention, these are still students like many of us. So at the very least, they deserve a little credit for that A+ effort of being mentally and physically present all the time.

2. Ill-wishing

One can look at ill-wishing as a mere act of support for their team but if we take a closer look at when an audience member does ill-wishing, what he or she wants to happen is for the student-athletes to fail at something they have been preparing for the whole year. From a basketball player missing their shot to a volleyball player committing unforced errors, we may think that it's no big deal. But it does take its toll on the players.

It's hard enough for them to accept these errors on their own, the celebration of these little booboos just makes it worse for their morale. Rather than putting the opposing team or student-athlete down, let's just channel our energies into building the morale of our own team up. 

3. Taking photos with flash

Think about it, if you were in the shoes of that student-athlete who's about to take a shot or serve with every ounce of power you've got, suddenly you realize all eyes are on you. That's distracting especially for the ones who have not developed a strong mentality inside the court. More importantly, taking photos with flash could affect their game if it crosses their eyes during a play. They can't take that moment back and re-do what has been done. So yes, we can definitely capture the picture-perfect moments inside the court, but let's do it without the flash, shall we?

4. Name-calling

Whether it's name-calling or cussing, it's just plain bad, okay? This type of no-no is something people get away with a "joke lang naman" remark. But joke or not, name-calling is just an unacceptable behavior when watching the games. What makes name-calling worse is that it sticks and lasts for months, years even. Do we really want the student-athletes of today, who may be the future national team athletes of tomorrow , be marked with a negative title?

Another type (probably the worst type of name-calling) is when something I never thought I'd witness. I could hear grown men watching the games, cat-calling the Women's Volleyball players because of their sports attire. These girls didn't show up in the court to give that kind of show. Admire their athleticism and wit inside the court, but please keep the dirty thoughts to yourself, or better yet, don't watch the games at all if that's what you're after.


5. Shaming

Shame on audience members who shame the athletes! This often occurs when the audience members are unable to make fun of the athletes' superb sportsmanship so they just attack other things about them like their body, the way they run or jump, and other things they can call out. These student-athletes are every bit of human as we are, so all the teasing and shaming can hurt them as they could hurt us. 

Watching the UAAP games live would truly make one feel that he or she is part of something bigger. Though the rivalry can get a little too intense, let's take a step back and remember that this is not a war but a friendly competition between talented student-athletes who just want to make their school proud. 

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