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In Focus: Why You Should Embrace Being An Introvert

In Focus: Why You Should Embrace Being An Introvert


When you first hear the word "introvert," the first thing that comes to mind is the kind of people who are shy or don't like socializing. Some people even think that extroverts have all the fun because of their outgoing personalities, but that's where you're wrong because introverts have fun, too! Introverts are warm people who prefer observing and working quietly. While extroverts enjoy being around people, introverts enjoy their alone time the most, but that doesn't mean they hate people or they're lonely.

There are different views of what an introvert is, and a lot are misconceptions. That's why we're thankful that there's a networking platform for introverts here in Asia, a place where they would be able to connect, interact, share knowledge, and network for business. It's called the Introverts Network Asia A.K.A. INA which is a growing group of professionals and business owners who seek to connect with other introverts. Founded by the outstanding Singaporean Mervin Yeo, who wrote the book entitled Purposeful Networking for Introverts: How to Connect Without Feeling Overwhelmed, this platform is all about helping people to better relate, network, and interact with everyone.

INA Philippines just celebrated their second anniversary last March 16, so if you haven't heard of this group, then it's time to dip your toes in! Embrace the fact that you're an introvert because there are so many reasons why! Here, Mervin lets us in on the perks of being a true blue introvert:

1. Introverts are described as good listeners.

There's no doubt that introverts are the best listeners because they're often in tune with the feelings of others. They don't enjoy small talk because in every conversation, they take mental notes and focus on what people are sharing to them. They know how difficult it is to open up and trust people, that's why they are trustworthy themselves. According to Mervin, with this ability, "it means that they can be good team players if their talents and skills are recognised by their team leaders." And that's what they work on in their network. 

2. Their creative juice is overflowing.

Introverts tend to gravitate towards ideas that are obscure or downright strange. They don't usually enjoy things that are mainstream and popular because they're very cautious, that's why they're usually the people who you can turn to when it comes to creative ideas. "Introverts are often disinterested in what goes on outside their busy minds. That’s another description about introverts: Quiet Voice, Active Minds," Mervin shared. And with the help of INA's online and offline programmes, introverts are now more equipped to impact lives in their community.

3. They can adapt easily.

Mervin believes, "A person is born an introvert. It’s in his DNA. I challenge those who say they can change from being born an introvert to become an extrovert. The introvert can adapt their behaviour to be an extrovert when it's needed. The introvert who adapts, will learn ways to be adaptable in the workplace and community." That's why introverts have more potential than you think, especially in work places, because they know when it's needed to socialize and when it's not. And when the time comes that they are ready to showcase their capabilities, it's more often than not that they give great ideas! 

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4. They are always focused.

Since introverts give their attention more to other things than socializing, they're more resilient in accomplishing a task faster and better. They don't easily get distracted, and they can stay focused in activities such as researching and writing for extended periods of time. Mervin adds, "They can also be good in planning events. Most introverts prefer to offer their views in smaller groups. They prefer not to speak in front of a large audience. That said, there are many introverts who are great presenters or public speakers."

5. They harvest deep connections with other people.

It's no secret that introverts prefer quality of relationships over quantity, that's why they avoid casual relationships at all costs! They're more subjective when it comes to the people that they allow into their world, so the relationships they build will be more meaningful and deep. The smaller and stronger the connections they have, the better. With that in mind, INA aims to harness that power and inspire them to celebrate their identity. Mervin shares, "We want introverts to embrace their introversion and at the same time gain confidence to relate, interact, and make meaningful conversations."

These are just a few perks of being an introvert, but we believe that every strength of a person can be harnessed with the help of platforms that enable their members to become the best version of themselves, and that's what INA does. If you know that you are an introvert, be proud and learn to keep discovering yourself to be the best that you can be!

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