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In Focus: Gents, Here’s Why It’s Necessary To Look Nothing Less Than Impeccable At Work!

In Focus: Gents, Here’s Why It’s Necessary To Look Nothing Less Than Impeccable At Work!

He who looks the part gets the part. It’s your job we’re talking about here. The one that pays the bill, supports your lifestyle, your travels, and gives you the means to pursue your other passions. Make an effort to prove why you deserve your position—or a promotion. And if that means stepping up your skincare game to look impeccably good round the clock, game on!

Still not convinced? Keep scrolling to see we got a real fair point.

It makes you look fresh and energized all the time.  After pulling an all-nighter, the last thing you want to worry about is how to look well-rested the next day. But working hard to achieve clear, healthy-looking, and energized skin (despite all the hassle you’ve been through) shows you want to be recognized as the employee who can carry himself with confidence. No matter what.

To make that happen, wash your face daily with a gentle cleanser! Skip your soap bar since that could be too harsh for your skin. Then, use a moisturizer because our face tends to get dry after each wash. Keep these staples in your hygiene kit so you could freshen up in the office in no time. Trust us, the more presentable and lively you look, the more plus points you get from your boss!

It attracts positive attention from your colleagues. The way you look affects your working relationship with others. When you’re not worried about your appearance (like having pesky pimples and haggard-looking skin), you’re less afraid of making new connections in the workplace. So always keep your best foot (and face!) forward! Oh, astnd who knows? This might be your chance to make your office crush notice you! 

It gives off that “I got this” man-in-control vibe. Imagine this: Everyone in the room is in panic mode. Your bigshot client just arrived but the presenter suddenly calls in sick. And then your boss spots you. He knows you know the deck by heart. He wants you to represent the team. But you look tired and sweaty from your morning commute. As expected, your boss doesn’t pick you. After all, first impressions count! Quit making excuses and be the employee he can send to meetings and presentations—whenever, wherever. 

Prep yourself up using one of the most trusted cleansing product for men: Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Wash. It’s made with coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol that help recharge your tired skin after a stressful day. Aside from lightening dark spots, it also brightens and energizes the skin after one wash. Use this to clean up real nice in a snap, and be instantly ready to face the day. No more missing big career opportunities, okay?

When it comes to work, don’t just focus on improving your skills. Improve the way you look, too. It might sound trivial, but the way you present yourself to your colleagues and higher-ups speaks volumes on how seriously you take your job. And how badly you want to climb the corporate ladder.

He who looks the part gets the part, right? If your goal is to be the boss real soon, might as well act and look like on as early as possible. 

Get your game face on in the office with Pond’s Men Energy Charge 100g Facial Wash. You can Buy 1 and Get 1 for FREE in all leading supermarkets and drugstore nationwide from March 1-31 (until supplies last only).

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