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In Focus: How To Make Sure You're Ready To Move Out From Your Parents' House

In Focus: How To Make Sure You're Ready To Move Out From Your Parents' House


One way or another, the time will come when we would want to leave our comfort zone. Sometimes, we've been stuck in a career for so long or we've been hanging out with people who don't help us grow. Another thing that's common for us millennials is the desire to move out of our parents' house. If you're currently seeking independence, then you might be feeling the urge to take flight and build your own nest.

However, it's not an easy decision to make. It's essential to know that you're already responsible enough to live on your own. To help you find out, we listed down the things that would help you decide below!  

1. When you can financially support yourself...

It's easy to look for a place to move in if you're going to base it on what looks good for you, but the question is: can you afford it? One of the things that makes moving out a struggle for most people is the fact that they have to figure out their monthly income first, and check if it's enough for rent and other expenses such as food, laundry, etc. Don't expect your parents to always be there to help you financially. Save up first because moving out when you're not financially ready can lead you to a life of money problems.  

2. When you know how to tidy up on your own...

Before you move out, make sure that you're capable of maintaining your place. You have to be able to do your own laundry, clean your apartment regularly, and keep your stuff tidy and organized. Your mom won't be around to tell you where you placed your missing blouse or wash your bedsheets anymore. 

3. When you're sure you won't starve without your parents' home-cooked meals...

One of the best things about leaving in your parents' house is you won't have to spend on food that much because your mom and dad would never let you starve. From their home-cooked lasagna to the best adobo you've ever tasted, you'd always be something to eat when you're hungry. Unfortunately, when you move out, you won't be having your parents' home meals anymore. Unless you take out something whenever you visit them, but that's also not a good idea. Your microwave can only do so much like reheating it, but it won't make the taste the same as when it was freshly cooked. Well, if you know how to cook and do your own grocery shopping, then you won't really have any problem!

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4. When you're ready to live with a roommate...

As much as you want to live on your own, it's quite impossible to find a place affordable enough for you to pay by yourself. That's why most people take the most practical solution which is looking for a roommate. The advantage of having a roommate is that the two of you can split the rent, utility bills, and even food expenses. But if you're not used to living with someone who's not your family, then you might have to do some major adjustments. When you see yourself being open and ready to have a roommate, then it's going to be a win-win situation for you. 

5. When you finally talked it over with your parents... 

Of course, before you pack everything that you own and need once you move out, you have to have a conversation about it with your parents first. Honestly, they should actually be the first one you talk to about your moving plans. Some parents prefer for their kids to stay at home with them, while some are okay with giving their children the freedom to be on their own. Either way, they know what's best for you, so they would also know when you're ready or not. Plus, reassure them that once you leave, you will always make time to visit and keep in touch!

6. When you finally know why you're moving out... 

Most of the time, parents are okay with their children staying at home until they're married because they enjoy taking care of them. So if you enjoy living at home, and don't really need to move for school or work, we think it's best if you stay. However, if the reason of you moving out is because of the long commute you or the misunderstandings you're having with the people at home, then moving out is a good option. Reflect on what's going on in your mind and what's best for your current situation. Once you finally know why you want (and need) to move out, then everything could get easier from there.

No matter how ready you think you are to move out from your parents' house, there will always be things that you should carefully think about. But don't worry, you're not alone because that's part of the process of growing up. If you think you've checked everything on this list now, then congrats, you're ready to be Miss Independent! 

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