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Cheat Sheet: Five Habits We Urge You To Ditch, Stat!

Cheat Sheet: Five Habits We Urge You To Ditch, Stat!

How are you doing? Yes, you, the person working on the resolutions she made this New Year. Not the one who forgot about the goals she set when the fireworks display was over. And most definitely not the you who still holds on to toxic things.

Toxic things come in many forms. But the bad habit kinds are the worst. They prevent you from living the life you want to live. If you're set on doing away with what holds you back, here are ways to make that change. 

Impulse buying. “It’s payday.” Swipe. “I deserve it.” Swipe. “It’s on SALE”. Swipe. Too tempting, huh? It’s okay to give in every once in a while. Just make sure you’re doing it out of need or because you have extra money to spare. Shopping mindlessly could be the reason why you’re still living from paycheck to paycheck. Control the urge to spend if you want to break this cycle.

Overthinking everything. This one isn’t all that bad, especially if it allows you to prepare for the unexpected. Plan everything out—from the clothes you’ll wear for next week, to the overwhelming travel essentials for your trip, up to the extra effort you put in your work. But if this habit is stressing you out too much, then just stop. The craziest adventures are usually the most unexpected ones. Live a little and just enjoy the ride.

Cutting off toxic people. Sounds...wrong? Not really. Keeping these people out of your life, without addressing the real issue, doesn’t solve anything. You might end up hating everyone who triggers the same kind of negative emotion in you, thus, leaving you to build walls and burn bridges. Communication is powerful—evven more powerful than the toxic situation you’re in. Give meaningful conversations a try. After solving the dilemma, that’s the right time to decide if you still want to keep them around.

Competing and comparing. Healthy competition is good. It pushes you to strive harder and aim higher. But if you’re always comparing your achievements to those of others, well, that’s a different story. Life isn’t a race. You’ll get tired too easily if you don’t move at your own pace.

Sticking to what’s comfortable. Think of it this way: See those beauty products that clutter your space? Or that old shampoo that doesn’t even work? You know it’s time to make a switch. You even saw that ad about a promising shampoo CLEAR. You’re convinced that it will give you that fresh and gorgeous hair you’ve been dreaming of. Yet you hold back, thinking that your restlessness is just a phase. That everything will be okay if you just wait a little bit more.

But what if it doesn’t?

From doing a job that doesn’t spark joy, staying in a safe but passionless relationship, up to keeping ineffective products just because you’re used to it. You deserve better. Always remind yourself of that fact.

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The next time we ask you how you’re doing, we hope you’re really doing just fine. Yes, you—the person who is bold enough to make a change. The version of you who is ready to let go of all these unhealthy habits.

Dare to make a change. Dare to challenge the norm. Switch to CLEAR, which is formulated to give you ‘Total 5 Scalp Freshness’. Learn more about it here!




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