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In Focus: 5 Friendship Rules Everyone Should Live By

In Focus: 5 Friendship Rules Everyone Should Live By


When we live a fast-paced life, it's rare to find a connection with another person that's strong enough to last a lifetime. Sometimes, the people we would consider as friends aren't for keeps. So when we meet people who will stick with us through thick or thin, it's only fitting that we nurture those relationships to the fullest.

In order to maintain the best friendships, you must first learn how to be a good friend. It's not as easy as chatting or hanging out with them on the daily. To help you, here's a list of friendship rules that everyone should live by!

1. Learn to trust one another.

Like in any form of relationship, it's important to trust your friends and vice versa. It's a must that you're comfortable when you're together and that you don't have anything to hide. After all, you should be your truest self when you're with your friends. It's that simple—if you don't trust one another, then they're not your friends at all. 

2. Support and motivate one another.

When things get rough or when you see yourself shying away from an opportunity you've always wanted, this is where friends come in. Truth be told, everyone needs a support network, even if you think you're the most independent and emotionally mature person on the planet. You would need someone to be there during the days when you don't want to get out of bed or cheer you on when you're pursuing your goal. It might sound like a huge responsibility to always be there for someone and vice versa, but we're sure that this is something you'd want to do, too, once you realize that you care for them.

3. Know that conflict is normal.

The last thing that you would want to happen in your friendship is to have misunderstandings. Although this is something we try to avoid, it's inevitable. Yes, you've met a few people who accept you for who you are and have the same interests as you. But there will always be times when you won't meet eye to eye about certain things—that's why disagreements happen. What's important is that you're both matured to not let resentments build up, to know that people make mistakes, and to forgive each other once you've made amends. 

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4. Let them fight their own battles.

As much as you want to be there all the time for your friends, you should also give them space when they're fighting their own battles. Some people might like it when other people help them with their problems, but some don't. At the same time, it's also a way of letting them learn about life in their own terms. You can give them pieces of advice or words of encouragement, but trust them enough to let them face their struggles head on, on their own.

5. Don't talk behind their back. 

If there are moments that you don't like something about your friend, it's best to talk to them about it rather than say things behind their back. It's true that you should support your friend, but it doesn't mean that you should love everything that they say, the people that they date, or the choices that they make. If you sincerely think that something is off, tell them directly. Believe us, they'll appreciate you more for your honesty. 

The beautiful thing about real friendships is that they provide freedom, inspiration, and comfort. Besides being their to laugh and cry with you, friends are also there to help you become a better person. These are just basic friendship mantras to keep in mind. If you notice that none or only a few of these rules apply to your friends, then perhaps they're not your kind of people to begin with.  

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