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Lifestyle Buzz: What NOT To Miss When Traveling In The City And Beyond!

Lifestyle Buzz: What NOT To Miss When Traveling In The City And Beyond!

The calendar never takes a break, with all the traveling and festivities happening in the country and all over the world. With most people always looking out for the next big destination or the next can’t-miss travel deal, then maybe these just might be of help! Here are some of the things that have been making noise as of late, that may be deserving of your attention!

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Where’s The Buzz

Fly to the magical city of Sapporo, Japan, with Philippine Airlines. Also known as Asia’s winter wonderland, it’s cold climate, vibrant lights, and sprawling picturesque hills, have made it a favorite destination for both locals and tourists alike. Immerse yourself in a celebration of snow, during the winter, or find yourself touring its historical sights. Either way, it’s always a good time to visit Sapporo at any time of the year!

What’s The Buzz

Everyone has a bucket list—be it for places to see, or things to experience. Agoda has put together the top items on Pinoys’ bucket lists for this 2019. Self-improvement was the main theme for this year, with goals such as learning a new language, learning a new cuisine, as well as improved self-care. So, time to treat yourself, and tick all those off, by flying out to new places to learn new things!

For those whose time is always of the essence, here’s a way to skip long lines and ticket stations, by using the new limited edition Skechers Beep card! It’s a co-branded card that you can use anywhere on the MRT3, LRT1, LRT2 lines, P2P buses, BGC buses, and anywhere Beep cards are accepted. Not only can is save you time, but you can also get a 500 Peso discount voucher on GOwalk shoes, with each purchase of  the card!

Looking for a car that meshes perfectly with your busy lifestyle? Well, if you’re constantly in between the bustling city life, and the rugged out-of-town outdoors, then you’ve found a perfect partner in the Ford EcoSport! With its power and fuel efficiency, paired with easy maneuverability and rugged versatility, not only is this a safe vehicle for you to use, but is also comfortable, and fashionable as well!

Been wanting to keep fit for your beach-directed travels? Beat any workout blues with the right music! If you're curious to find out the most popular workout mixes, Spotify recently put together a list of the latest favorite workout songs from all over the world, and of all time! Here, you can check out what’s been blaring inside all gyms locally, or even see if you share the same taste as those from other parts of the world.

Who’s Buzzin’

Ginebra San Miguel celebrated its 185th year by releasing its collectible Ginebra San Miguel 2019 calendar, featuring Pia Wurtzbach. And as is evidently seen on every page of the calendar, Pia’s dedication to her health and fitness definitely shows. Although she admitted that she had to prepare a little extra this time for the shoot, being that she hasn’t don’t a swimsuit shoot since her time in Ms. Universe. But she has now become more focused into being more fit, and just like, her, I think we should all follow suit and do the same!

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