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The OTWOL Fever Dissected

The OTWOL Fever Dissected

You were never into love teams, you were never into late night teleseryes. But somehow, “On the Wings of Love” flew into your TV set and since then, you’ve found yourself being swept off your feet.

Now you’re tossing and turning, all smiles from ear to ear. As you anticipate the exchange of heavy stares, and the next sweet kiss, you sit closer to the edge with your feet giddy on the ground. And then you wonder, “What has gotten into me?”. And so, we try to make sense of the unexplainable kilig that is JaDine, why it works, and what it can teach us about love on a deeper level.


The JaDine dreamy duo

James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s silent rise to becoming one of the most followed loveteams today has only worked to their advantage. In a sea of sought-after romantic tandems, JaDine has somehow been the underdog and as they say, everybody loves the underdog.

Their simple honesty, no-nonsense and somewhat un-showbiz answers about their work and relationship status are always a breath of fresh air. This makes them the dreamy duo where their fans can only hope for the love pair to take the dream of officially being together to reality.


Almost, but not quite

It may not be the case for everyone but a chunk of the show’s kilig factor may be attributed to that certain feeling when it’s “almost, but not quite”. In the show, Leah and Clark (played by Nadine and James respectively) got together and even married for reasons other than love. And as the story unfolds, you see all the possibilities between them unfolding too. And seriously, who doesn’t get tickled pink thinking about possibilities?

Basically, the TV series is almost like watching a fire show; you anticipate the heat but you also see the characters scared as hell to get burned somehow. Will they pass up or will they go for it? It’s an everyday struggle of any human and sometimes, we need shows like this, characters like them whom we can root to be courageous for us when we can’t.


Love doesn’t always have to be loud

If there’s anything else that keeps you hooked on “On the Wings of Love”, it has to be the ideals of love that are subtly portrayed in the show which remind us that…

You can guard your heart without closing yourself to love. You are entitled to have your own reservations as to entrusting your heart to someone, but know that you can do it without closing yourself to love. You owe it to yourself to see something through or at least think about it and not push people away whose only intention is to care for you. 

True love waits. Because even when you want to confess to the whole world about how much you love this person, if he or she isn’t ready yet, all you really got to do is make your intentions clear and wait. Love, after all, is never about forcing someone to be at the same pace as you all the time.

Love is a leap of faith. Because faith is believing in something you can’t always hold or see. You may be afraid of what the future holds but truly loving someone gives you enough courage to take the leap, even freefall.





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