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In Focus: 6 Relationship Lessons We Learned From Catriona Gray

In Focus: 6 Relationship Lessons We Learned From Catriona Gray


After claiming the Miss Universe crown, Catriona Gray has become an icon of beauty, brains, and grace. She has also inspired us to take part in shaping the future of the youth through her advocacies. But aside from touching our hearts as a beauty queen, it seems that Catriona also has the ability to teach us a thing or two about love.

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For her homecoming last February 22, Catriona dropped by Tonight With Boy Abunda where she revealed that she already ended her relationship with model and TV personality Clint Bondad. In the interview, Tito Boy asked her to give a few details about her breakup. And even though it wasn't so easy to open up, Catriona still managed to tell her story and even gave us a few lessons to pick up from her relationship with Clint. Here, we list six things we learned from our Miss Universe about love and beyond:

1. It is possible to outgrow each other.

Catriona's decision came from the fact that she's grown so much from her 18-year-old self, when she began her relationship with Clint. "When you're together for so long and you start off from a very young age, you grow. And sometimes you just kind of outgrow each other in a way," she shares. The thing is, we shouldn't be bound by who we once were and sacrifice who we are meant to be for the sake of staying with the love of our life. As Catriona said, "If we're meant to be together, maybe it will happen in the future."

2. You have to discover yourself first.

Catriona mentioned that she's never been single for six years, which is why she needs to take some time for herself at the moment. She says, "I think it's really important as an individual, because you need to know what you want, who you are, to be establishing your identity as your own person." This reminds us that we shouldn't let a relationship limit us from discovering our full potential as an individual. And if we have to be on our own for a certain period of time to find that, then so be it.

3. Communication is always key.

When asked about the most important lesson that she learned, Catriona answers that "it's the need to communicate." While we may never know what really happened between Catriona and Clint, we should always remember that being in touch with our partner when it comes to our feelings is a must in order to build a strong and lasting relationship. No matter the distance or the hecticness of our lives, constant communication in any form will benefit us in the long run.

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4. It's okay to not be in speaking terms with your ex.

Catriona revealed that she's not in speaking terms with Clint at the moment. "We're both figuring out our things," she quips. This tells us that not talking to your ex after your breakup isn't a sign of bitterness. It only means that you both respect each other's space, and you honor your mental and emotional needs above anything else.

5. Be grateful for the time you had together.

Just because your relationship ended, it doesn't mean that what you had wasn't real. Your journey together will always be a huge part of your life especially if you've been together for years. "He's seen me through so much; I've seen him through so much. We've both supported each other. But it just didn't work out." What we admire about Catriona is how grateful she is for everything that she shared with Clint and how accepting she is of where they are now.

6. There's a right time to be in love.

At this point in her life, Catriona has so much to live for. She will reign as Miss Universe for a year, and it's only fitting that she makes the most out of it. To this, Tito Boy wisely responds, "You would know when's the right time to fall in love again." "Exactly," Catriona answers. "And I don't feel ready at all." And, really, there is nothing wrong with that.

If you're currently having relationship woes, we hope that our Miss Universe eased your fragile hearts. Because just like her, we can come out of anything stronger than ever before, if only we hold on to our truest selves. Thanks for the love life tips, Queen!

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