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#TheStrongSide: UP Lady Maroon Isa Molde On Why It's Okay To Pace Life One Step At A Time

#TheStrongSide: UP Lady Maroon Isa Molde On Why It's Okay To Pace Life One Step At A Time


This is a second chance for life for Lady Maroon Isa Molde. An accident that happened when she was a child—she fell off a tree and a piece of wood pierced through her body—had caused her a permanent scar, acting as a reminder to not take things for granted and live the way she likes. And she does—today, this volleyball star is pacing through her journey as it suits her.

At 20, she’s still unsettled of personal plans for her future. But she’s in no hurry. All Isa knows for certain is she wants to graduate then take it from there. “After na maka-graduate ako, gusto ko munang maglaro at mag-ipon for whatever my business would be in the future,” she shares. While most students her age would be frantic in deciding for the next step, the outside hitter just lets her toes lead her way. And it is okay.

Life isn’t a race and what’s for you will come in its proper time. Third grade Isa is well aware of this back then, unexpecting of anything eventual until she got called by their coach to try out volleyball.

Fast forward to several years later, and it was college hunting season. In her head, she would stay in Cebu to play—but destiny had another thing in mind. Her father, whom she highly looks up to, sent her to Manila to pursue volleyball in a different arena. “Hindi ko naman alam ‘yung gagawin dati kasi ako, wala pa sa isip kong mag-Maynila. So hindi ko talaga siya in-expect,” Isa explains. It proved to be a wise move—now, she’s on top of the game in the volleyball scene.

Presently, as with everyone from her team and her competitors, they’re all eyeing the championship. Isa juggles trainings and games, not to mention the pressure, while balancing her responsibilities as a student foremost. But whatever their fate in the court may be, she’s here to enjoy and make the most out of the ride. The Physical Education major is grateful for the experience, including meeting new people that widened her horizons and made her see the world in new heights.

Her go-with-the-flow attitude brought her to an unhurried state, letting moments unfold as they come along. This is what makes her strong. Isa lives with grace, under any circumstance. After all, second chances are not given to just anyone—so like a typical millennial that she is, the you-only-live-once attitude (with a purpose) is her way. It works.


Photographed by Erwin Canlas
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Aldrin Ramos
Assisted by Daphne Aranilla and Sammie Rodriguez
Makeup by Janell Capuchino, Andi Sapina, and Jean Lim
Hair by Francis Guintu, Nikko Bruel, and Jhear Abellar

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