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In Focus: 4 Lessons That Tin and Raf’s Relationship Taught Us in 'Alone/Together'

In Focus: 4 Lessons That Tin and Raf’s Relationship Taught Us in 'Alone/Together'


Finding the one in a museum is nothing but romantic–imagine appreciating all the art works in the gallery and see someone stand out amongst all those beauties. Yes, Tin and Raf started out perfectly in Alone/Together– just two hopeful undergrads, in the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams, suddenly found their way to each other and began their journey together.

However, life is not always rainbows and butterflies–it’s unpredictable, which eventually caused Tin and Raf to part ways. Here, we reflect on Tin and Raf's journey and the relationship lessons that they taught us: 

1. Life gets in the way at some point.

No matter how much you love each other, there will be moments when you’re left with no other choice but to go your separate ways – just like how Tin chose to let go of Raf during her lowest point in life. Life sometimes decides to be cruel.

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2. It’s okay to grow apart.

Although it’s not always true for everyone, some relationships need some time apart to grow and blossom. Figuring things out and finding oneself sometimes meant doing it alone – the way Tin and Raf did so, taking separate paths did not always mean a permanent goodbye.

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3. Don’t completely ignore your heart.

When what our mind tells us usually contradicts what our heart wants, we usually listen to the former, expecting the latter to not know any better. However, in special cases, our minds could be not exactly right – we should not completely ignore our hearts, just as how Tin and Raf did when they found each other again, and try to listen to our ever-feelsy hearts even for once.

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4. If you’re meant to be, you will be.

Going your separate ways may be for good, but it may also be for just quite some time. No one can really tell and maybe we should just leave it all to fate, even if it seems impossible. Yeah, life has a funny way of separating two souls together but this is found to be true and legit – if it’s meant to be, eventually it will be. Keep the faith, just like Tin and Raf did.

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Every relationship is uniquely designed, so not all these lessons may truly apply–but whatever it is that you’re going through, with enough understanding, acceptance and maturity, you’ll survive! If you have any other lessons to share, comment away below!

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