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#ChalkChallenge: Watch As LizQuen Names Their Fave K-Pop Groups!

#ChalkChallenge: Watch As LizQuen Names Their Fave K-Pop Groups!



With the continuous success of their film Alone/Together which was just released last Febuary 13, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, popularly known as LizQuen, have absolutely proved that they've grown to be two of the most stellar artists in the industry. And honestly, every time that we see these two lovebirds, all we could think of is how perfect they are for each other! We're not surprised when their film became an instant hit on its first day because their relatable roles as Raf and Tin made our LizQuen hearts burst especially during their–spoiler alert– kissing scenes!

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Since they've been so busy these past few days with the promotions of the film, we wanted them to relax and have fun with us. That's why when we got the chance to hangout with them during our #ChalkLovesLizQuen shoot, we didn't let it pass without playing the 7-Second Challenge with them. From LizQuen naming their favorite K-pop groups to recalling the countries they visited together, watch the video below as the two take on a round of #ChalkChallenge with us! 

Video by Spotlight Creatives

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