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Fans Reveal Three Reasons Why Idols Win in the Push Awards

Fans Reveal Three Reasons Why Idols Win in the Push Awards

Teenage life or adolescence is one, if not the most, crucial part of growing up. In this stage, teens get to experience various changes physically, emotionally, and psychologically and start to form their self-concept. Self-concept, which according to psychology is how a person perceives himself as a whole, is greatly influenced by his/her environment. And because we are in the digital age, social media has become part of the environment that molds teenagers.

Fandoms that support our top celebrities and love teams are mostly these teens, who are very much adept and active in digital media, which includes social networks and video sharing sites. And definitely, they would use these platforms to the hilt in further promoting, supporting, declaring their unconditional love and their life-long passion and dedication to their idols and defending them no matter what.

The first-ever Push Awards recognizes these teenage fandoms' unified cause to push their icons to the next level, with a special award going to the Ultimate Fan, and having these youngsters actually pushing the buttons to choose the winners on November 10, 2015, highlighting the great digital media influence these celebrities exude.

This leads to why the Push Awards actually came to be--recognizing these performers for their incredible reach and engagement with their followers on these platforms and solidifying, strengthening and expanding their presence in digital with quality content.



How did these idols get their fans to vote for them in the Push Awards? Essentially, it is these celebs' influencing power on digital media that did the trick. During the event, we interviewed some of the teenager fans about how what makes these idols excellent influencers on social media and their responses revealed that all those they voted for in the Push Awards have at least one of these characteristics:


  1. Values fans

Social media helped fans to reach their idols. They are happy to get in touch with them. A simple reply, retweet, or like from the people they admire already makes them even more grateful because they feel appreciated.

"Gusto ko sya kasi super close sya sa fans nya…” a Loisa fan said.


  1. Truthful

“Yung mga post nya, yun talaga yung nafi-feel nya…” a Reider explained.

People doesn’t admire someone who puts on a mask. We still value transparency and truthfulness. Even if they are celebrities, we want to know “them” as them and not someone else. “Makikita mo talaga siya [sa mga posts nya]”.


  1. Aspires them to become better

Because teenagers are still developing their self-concept, they tend to look up to someone who will inspire them to be what they want to be. As a group of high school students said it, “Naimpluwensyahan nila kami maging strong sa life…yung pag-appreciate sa mga naranasan nila bago nila maabot yung mga pangarap nila.”

These proves that people, especially teenagers, see their celebrity idols as role models. So celebrities be careful not to trample their fans' hopes. A KathNiel fan said, (and I bet every fan will say), "Sila po ang inspirasyon ko.” 




Photos by Cathleen May Agullana




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